Hi Lovelies,

I’ve popped together a little list of the places I visited while in Bali this February. Being my first Bali… heck my first overseas trip as an adult, the list is not vast and stays quite central to Seminyak as that is where the trip I went on was organised. I recommend doing a lot of research and asking people who visit regularly for the best places to stay, visit and eat at as there are A LOT of options once you’re there.


Allure Villas


The Allure Villas are tucked up an alley way in the middle of bustling Seminyak. There is a 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom Villa to choose from, and as they are all in the same complex you can book multiple villas to accommodate larger groups. The House Manager Trisna is a wonderful help and looked after us amazingly, and her daily breakfasts were delicious. The owner Paul Cameron (or PC) actually lives in Bali and is a font of knowledge for recommendations such as bar staff for a in-house cocktail party or places to visit. If going in a larger group, I wouldn’t recommend making use of the trundle beds they have available as I have had severe back pain since sleeping on one for the trip – might be okay for a small child though. You will need to take your own adaptors for the power points, but linens and towels are supplied. The staff even supply bottled water in rooms and bathrooms (for brushing your teeth with), hand sanitiser and bug repellant.





The beautiful Melina Bagnato of Style Me Over recommended we visit Omnia Bali and boy am I glad I spent my free day there, it was the highlight of my trip. About 40 minutes by car from Seminyak (we hired a driver who drove us there, waited and then took us home for about AUD $75) it is straight out of a movie set… built on the side of a cliff with an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, multiple areas to either lounge or party and swim up bars… I honestly haven’t seen anywhere so beautiful in my life. Melina put our name on the list a week earlier through the website, which saved us an entrance fee, and we hired a sun lounger with umbrellas (necessary in the hot sun!) which cost us AUD $400. But the rental fee actually becomes a tab, and between four of us having cocktails, water, coconuts and food over a 3 hour period we didn’t even use all of the tab! You aren’t allowed to take your own water or towels in with you, but they supply towels and replace them if they become too wet. The service was amazing and for me it is an utter must-do if you visit Bali.


W Bali


Located in Seminyak the W is a luxury hotel with amazing views, pools and restaurants. We visited for the Sunday Brunch which costs approx. AUD $59 to $199 per person depending on the drink package included and starts at 12pm and ends at 3.30pm. After the brunch you’re welcome to make use of the pools, and watching the sunset over the beach from the pool while sipping a cocktail is amazing!


Mrs Sippy


Mrs Sippy is like a casual version of Omnia, with a similar price tag. There’s a $10 entrance fee (once again you can’t bring in your own water bottles and if you don’t bring a towel you have to rent one) and a variety of dining areas, chairs and day beds that require rental. The fee (from AUD $50 to $100) once again becomes a tab that you can use for towel rental, drinks and food. During the day it has a chilled beachy vibe, but towards the afternoon starts to pick up to a party place. There’s a diving board you can jump from if you’re brave enough (I hate heights) and a swing next to the pool.


KYND Community


We visited Kynd Community for breakfast and it was amazing! Such a beautiful venue, and delicious 100% plant based food. Huge servings too, so make sure you go with a healthy appetite!




Bambu was another recommendation from Melina, I unfortunately didn’t get to taste the amazing food at the restaurant as Bali belly had already hit. It looked and smelt amazing though, and the venue itself was absolutely gorgeous.


Sarong Restaurant


Sarong is a gorgeous venue and the food was delicious. We were unfortunately in a private room with little ambience or air conditioning. I would make sure you are seated where you can make the most of the beautiful venue. Drinks weren’t included in the price, and the bar staff took about 15mins to make a cocktail when we were there.


La Plancha


La Plancha is one of the beach bars with the colourful bean bags located on Double Six Beach. Once again I unfortunately couldn’t make the most of the experience as Bali Belly had hit, but watching the sunset on a beanbag on the beach is not a bad way to spend an afternoon!


And that was the end of where I went as I spent the final day in the resort very sick ha ha!

Have you been to Bali, or are you planning to?

Rachael xo






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