Hello Lovelies!

If you’ve been around for awhile you’ll remember my blog posts Don’t Get Your Knickers In A Twist | A Post Partum Underwear Guide and Botox For #MumTum | How To Immediately Tighten & Smooth.

Well I’m back to pre-baby weight and it’s over a year later (ahem almost a year and a half) and I still rely on smoothing knickers to make the most of my clothes, so I thought I’d combine the two blogs… and update you on the best smoothing knickers I’ve found in the last year!


1. Kayser Maya Control Brief $19.95

I would put this as a light control, more smoothing. Available in nude, black and navy they are lacey and sexy… no Bridget Diary undies here! What I love MOST is the cheeky lace back… no VPL which can happen a lot with control briefs. High waisted too!


2. Kayser Maya Control Gee $19.95

Same as above but in a Gee! Ground breaking! Not for everyone… but if you do like a less butt coverage but more tummy coverage it can actually be so hard to find!


3. Kmart Smoothing Briefs $5.00

Light control, cotton and available in Black and Nude. These are high waisted and comfortable. I recommend going up a size to prevent digging in at the waist.


4. Intimo Everyday Light Control Brief $59.50

These are still my holy grail of underwear and I wear them almost daily. Medium control and smoothing, they’re definitely worth the investment. Available in nude, black and seasonal colours.


5. Target Molly Firm Support High Waisted Briefs $20.00

These are firm support for sure, so you may need to size up one size if you don’t want to be squeezed too much. They sit right up under your bra so smooth the entire tummy/back area but as the back is mesh you don’t get VPL. Fantastic for dresses and when you don’t need to pee that much (I always need help from Hubby to pull back up under my bra ha!) available in black and nude.


What do you think of these tummy trimming undies, do you wear smoothing knickers?

Rachael xx

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