Hello Lovelies!

For a long time now I have debated whether to delve into the world of anti-wrinkle injections or not. On one hand, less angry face and on the other hand… needles in the head. But they do say nothing worth having comes easy don’t they 😉

After the Christmas holidays ended, and I had spent half that time scowling at the boys (why must they have SO MUCH ENERGY ALL THE TIME), the furrow between my brow was much deeper. It’s something that I have been aware of now for about a year or two, when I rub my finger over the area between my brow I feel the line in the muscle and it scares me! I don’t want a big angry scowl!


So when the lovely Sylvia from Angel Aesthetics Clinic contact me and asked if I’d be interested in having a consultation to discuss any concerns I may have I was eager to learn more and understand my options.

Sylvia explained what I could expect from having anti-wrinkle injections, both at the appointment and the result, and any side effects that may happen. I felt confident that Sylvia understood my desire for a natural look, and that my main concern was the furrow between my brows. So I booked in to have some needles in the face! ha ha!


At my appointment Sylvia went over what to expect again, any possible side effects, and the results that I was hoping for. We then Facetimed a Doctor to go over the amount of Dysport that Sylvia was planning to use and the areas, the Doctor asked if I had any concerns or questions and then it was time for the injections!

Surprisingly, as no numbing cream is used, it didn’t hurt! One or two felt like a very quick pinch, but I could barely feel the injections and it was over and done with so quickly! We did the frown and forehead areas with a total of 80 units, this may sound like a lot but the majority was in my frown area which was quite deep! There was no blood, no bruising and no headache (something that can happen sometimes with Anti-Wrinkle injections).

Doing it for the ‘gram 😉 I filmed one injection for you guys… it’s in my instastory highlights xx

As Sylvia had explained, the results could take anywhere from 3-7 days to kick in. I noticed mine about 5 days afterwards. What I absolutely loved is no one noticed I have had it done, even people who knew and I saw after it had kicked in still forgot and didn’t notice! The result was perfect, I still have movement (not so much frowning, because I didn’t want much movement there but I can lift my eyebrows still) and it’s very natural looking.

Relaxed (a little RBF oops)
Raising Eyebrows

As you can see in the raising eyebrows Before & After, my RHS is more dominant and has a little more movement than the LHS. Sylvia does a follow up appointment after 2 weeks to check results, and can touch up anything that you may want done… I’m going to have a smidge popped in the RHS just to even up the movement.

I cannot recommend Sylvia enough, she is professional and personable, the clinic is gorgeous (located at Carina in Brisbane) and the results are amazing! Sylvia has also kindly extended a discount code and special for you lovely ladies – CHAMPAGNE10 gets you 10% OFF treatments PLUS you can have 3 areas of anti-wrinkle treatments for just $349.


Have you been thinking of getting injectables?

Rachael xx



Follow: @angel_aestheticsclinic

Website: www.theangelaestheticsclinic.com



DISCLOSURE: Services were gifted for review however all comments and views are my own in accordance with my disclosure policy found here on the website. 

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