Hello Lovelies!

I want to talk about eyelash extensions.

The last time I had eyelash extensions were for my wedding in 2010… they bugged the bejeebers out of me! I felt like tiny little plastic swords were spiking the inside of my eyelids and I ended up pulling them off… along with some of my own eyelashes (oops!).

But with my training at F45 and Bali trip with Mums Who Wine coming up, I was feeling as though I wanted SOMETHING to make me feel better about being so bare faced all the time! (Yes I know there is nothing wrong with being bare-faced, however my personal preference is to wear a bit of CC Cream and mascara at the very least when I go out!). The girls at The Laser Lounge Coorparoo have whipped my skin into fantastic condition, my eyebrows are always on  point thanks to tattooing from Etch Artisan… so really it was just my eyelashes letting the team down.

YES I know I sound high maintenance… but come on, I’m an ex-beauty therapist. This is basically a hobby for me LOL And really, when you think about it I am actually LOW maintenance because I don’t have to do that much every day anymore!

Anyhoo, I have been following Bella from Midnight Bella Lashes & Tanning for ages, since she was based at home, and now she has a gorgeous new salon in Carina with her Lash & Tan partner in Crime Jess! So when Bella asked me if I’d like to come in and try a set of lashes I knew I’d be in good hands. No swords in the eyelids this time!

Can I just say that Bella & Jess are hysterical, they’re sassy queens that have you in stitches the entire time and you can immediately feel just how genuinely the adore their clients. Everyone is greeted like an old friend, and the chats that go on are amazing. I have never laughed so much in an hour and a half!

I showed Bella my favourite pair of false lashes that I always buy, and she got to work giving me a full set of Russian Volume 3D/4D D Curl (hand made Russian Volume Fans) in a Dolly Eye style. What does that mean? I don’t know! But they look and feel amazing! I naturally have long eyelashes, so Bella popped on lashes that are only 1mm longer than my own, but boy does it make a difference!


I can honestly say I forget I have them on. They’re so light and comfortable the only time I feel them is when I look up and they touch my eyebrows (I have hooded eyes lol). I was concerned with how long a full set take (1.5-2 hours) but it is such a hoot chatting with those girls that the time flies, and it’s good for this Mama’s soul to have a little time out for myself too!

The only weird thing is I now love brushing them with my spooly brush, it feels so nice HAHA! Who would have thought brushing your eyelashes would be relaxing LOL. I only do it after a shower though… I’m not THAT weird…. yet….


If you’re looking for a fun salon to have eyelash extensions and/or spray tans then I highly recommend you go see the girls at Midnight Bell Lashes & Tanning. And if you use my code CSVP15 they will give you 15% OFF Lashes or tans!

Rachael xx


Follow: @midnightbellalashesandtanning

Website: www.midnightbella.com.au



DISCLOSURE: Services were gifted for review however all comments and views are my own in accordance with my disclosure policy found here on the website. 

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