I have always hated exercise.


I’ve sporadically dipped my toe in to different activities, gyms, PT… but never enjoyed it and always quit eventually.

Walking is probably the only thing I’ve consistently done throughout my life, but even that isn’t often.

I’ve used diet to control my weight, and had success with doing so. But diet doesn’t stop the jiggle or increase fitness. And the jiggle is real.

Most diet and exercise plans kick off in January, some are New Year’s Resolutions and others are from feeling the effects of a month of excess. I was feeling the latter.

In September I completed a month of Be Fit Food and managed to get below my pre-baby weight, I maintained the loss by increasing my protein and water and decreasing carbohydrates, and loved the balance of the You Foodz 7030 movement. But still jiggle.

December saw me visit the Hypoxi Studio at Bulimba where I really noticed a difference in my tummy (my problem area) and I will definitely continue to go when I can, but after Christmas I was feeling BLUGH and wanted something that would put me on the fast track to feeling fab again. Plus I’d just booked Bali with Mums Who Wine… and being in bathers for 5 days put the fear of God in me!

So many people on Instagram go to and talk about F45, and to be honest it sounded like a cult to me. The obsession with going, the challenges… the high fiving strangers at the end of each session #SoNotMe. BUT I have also heard about how quickly people felt changes, were fitter and slept better…and had less jiggle.

I saw that Shannon Gibb (who I briefly met last year at Kids Business Bloggers Brunch and have followed ever since) had been going to a studio near me, and inundated her with questions. The studio near me had a little play pen for kids, which not all studios do, and this was pivotal in my decision to give it a go. I needed to be able to work out during the day to fit into our life, hubby leaves for work at 4.30am so early morning classes aren’t an option and we have limited time together in the evenings so if this was going to work long term I didn’t want to sacrifice our family time.


I signed up for the free 7 day pass that the studio offers, and booked in a 9.15am slot on January 2nd. The night before I had severe anxiety and couldn’t get to sleep until after 3am, and then Bambino woke at 5am. Off to a great start…

Being someone who is super unfit, who doesn’t likes exercise, gets anxious in group settings, gets even more anxious when I can’t prepare for a situation or am entering an unknown situation. So a class full of strangers, doing exercises I don’t know and will probably make me vomit… yeah that was my worst nightmare.

These two love visiting UMG F45 and are always racing off to touch the equipment #sorry

After almost cancelling and then deciding I didn’t want to be up all night again that night, I womaned up and headed off to my first class.

The trainers were all very welcoming and lovely, I filled in a form and then was shown around the rotations for that class. It was a Cardio class called ‘Bears’. I think I looked like a deer in the headlights. There were 18 stations with different movements and repetitions and I started to internally freak out… how on earth was I meant to remember all of this??? The lovely trainer modified some of the movements so I wouldn’t die, and then I waited with the rest of the class for it to begin. What I love about the class is that they have TV screens at the front that show each exercise in a continuous loop, so you don’t have to remember every exercise yourself. Brilliant.

I won’t lie. It was hard. All exercise is for me! But it wasn’t unbearable, and I could set my own pace… there were a few reps that I walked through to regain my breath, but I finished the workout without dying… and without having the chance to wish it would end. It actually flew by! One of my biggest fears was looking like a gumby, but honestly everyone is so busy dying… I mean working out… that they’re only focused on themselves!


Surprising myself, I went home and booked into classes for the following two days.

Wednesday: Class 1

Cardio. It’s really hard, but it flies by and is over before I know it. I’m hot, sweat is pouring off me and bright red. I feel so proud of myself for getting through the class! I’m realllllllly tired and lay down on the play room floor with Bebe while he plays lego and Bambino naps. I successfully drink 3L of water but am soooo hungry and not prepared with snacks so eat cheese at 8pm. Oops.


Thursday: Class 2

Weights: I hurt all over and my legs barely move but I head back in do another class. It’s not so bad back to back with a cardio although I feel really stiff. I head to coles afterwards and stock up on some healthy snacks (carrots, salads, some hummus etc). I can barely move that night and need to take a Voltaren ha ha. Message Shannon and ask her how long she hurt for after starting, she says she still does sometimes. EEK.


Friday: Class 3

Cardio: Definitely not at the level fresh Rachael on Wednesday was but I persevere. I actually almost cancelled this class as I am really stiff and my thighs don’t work (increased water means more toilet breaks but getting up and down makes me almost cry LOL) but I surprised myself and went.  One of the trainers from Wednesday was on again and modified a few of the stations for me to make up for my lack of leg movement. Once again the class is over before I know it, Bebe asks if we can come back again tomorrow…. ha ha haaaa…. no baby, Mama needs a day off!


Saturday & Sunday: Rest

Best intentions and all that… I was still quite stiff and sore so although I intended to go for walks on the weekend, it didn’t happen. Oops. I will do better next weekend though, because it will actually help to loosen up my muscles!


Monday: Class 4

Cardio: My leg muscles are definitely still feeling it from last week and fatigued quite quickly, but I did the best that I could and once again the class was over before I knew it. I love how fast they go!


Tuesday: Rest

I ended up having a shoot Tuesday morning so didn’t make class, and weirdly I missed it a tiny bit. I also was only mildly sore, which should have made me happy but instead I was worried I mustn’t have pushed myself hard enough. Who Am I. I also bought magnesium tablets which are meant to assist your muscles, cardiovascular health and heaps of other benefits as well (I’m not a naturopath, consult a professional before starting any supplements).


Wednesday: Class 5.

Cardio again. Bears again. Dying again. But I can do more than I thought I could and push myself to do my best. I’m ending my first week half a kilo lighter, although I really didn’t pay attention to my diet until Monday this week. I also sign up.


So there you go Lovelies, never say never! The most unfit, exercise hating Mama in Australia has just signed up to F45 and is enjoying it!


Rachael xo



4 replies on “What Happened When An Average Mum Tried F45 For A Week

  1. I’ve started at exactly the same time as you at chermside! The bears on the 2nd, then weights on the Thursday – I could barely move so HAD to have Friday off, but back again on the Saturday! I’ve now done 10 classes, so had 2 days off each week really, and I’m loving it! Hating, but loving once I’ve done it if that makes sense. 😂 I’m 40 this March, nearly 8 weeks away, and really want to be Fit(ter) for 40. Surely this has to help!! I’ll be watching along to see how you go, but I’ve signed up too and can’t see me stopping going any time soon 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow! 10 classes is amazing! Well done lovely!!! I’m also hoping to be fit-ish by end of feb so I think our goals are similar – keep me posted how you go lovely! I SOOOOO know what you mean by loving and hating it at the same time ha ha!!!


    1. Hi!
      I continued for a few months however the owners sold their franchise and the new owner took out the crèche. That’s very important for me to be able to work a work out into my schedule unfortunately so I had to leave. I started with a local (and online) HIIT studio last July and have consistently been going since and love it. It’s similar to F45 but I find that having instructors up the front and dance type routines more fun and easier to follow than the content moving of station set F45 x


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