In July I was luckily enough to be invited to become a Brand Ambassador for The Laser Lounge Coorparoo. I was so excited for the opportunity because as a former Beauty Therapist I understand the importance of looking after your skin at home AND in the salon, and as a Mama to a then 10 month old I was NOT doing the latter.

I had actually very recently had my eyebrows tattooed, so was unable to have any active treatments on the area while they healed and therefore my first appointment was Laser Hair Removal. I have had my underarms, bikini and half legs lasered at a clinic in a Westfield previously but WOW the difference from having it done at The Laser Lounge was amazing! I saw more difference from one session than I did from a whole series at the other clinic. In fact I’ve only had laser twice during my contract, and always forget to shave… I only remember when I go in the sunlight and see a few glowing hairs ha ha!


While we waited for my eyebrows to heal, I started a series of Omnilux LED Light Therapy twice a week for a month (eyebrows covered) alternating yellow and red light. Mostly Omnilux is used in conjunction with other skin treatments but I noticed a HUGE difference in the size of my pores and the brightness of my skin tone. I am actually shocked what a difference a light made to my skin!

I’ve also started having microdermabrasion, which I’ve never had before. And I’m obsessed! My skin is so soft, refined and more pores soooo much smaller. I usually have an Oxygenation Medi Facial after microdermabrasion which pumps is lots of skin goodness and hydration.


Another treatment that I’ve had and love is the Blueberry Smoothie Peel, it is perfect for my combination skin as it contains anti-aging properties with the ability for deep skin activation and oil control. I had very minor peeling around my nose, but that’s it. Which I think is due to my regular microdermabrasion treatments preventing build up of dead skin cells.

I’ve also trialled Skin Needling, which gave amazing results in reducing the size of my pores (yes I harp on about them but I have enlarged pores in the butterfly section of my face) and increasing firmness and plumpness from an increase in collagen and elastin production.

The most full on treatment that I have had was the Deep Sea Peel. It’s not for the feint hearted and you can read all about and see my progress photos in my blog here.


While it’s been so much fun experiencing and reporting back to you lovelies on the different treatments, I actually currently have the best skin I’ve ever had before in my life and at 34 that’s pretty amazing! If you’ve even considered visiting the Laser Lounge for a treatment I wouldn’t hesitate, you will be amazed at the results! Plus they offer ZipPay!


Rachael xo


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