Hi Lovelies!
I was lucky enough to be invited to create three festive outfits for Jeanswest’s blog! Direct link here, and I’ve added the looks below for you too x

This Season’s Festive Styling with Rachael

It’s official – holiday season is here! To help you get ready for the host of parties, weddings and end of year do’s coming your way, we caught up with champagne lover and stylish blogger, Rachael, to get some tips on festive styling. Take a look…

Festive Styling

Cecilia Off Shoulder Dress & Poppy Seed Bead Hoop Earring.

Tell us about your personal style.

First and foremost I need to be comfortable. I have two young boys and I can’t be adjusting clothing or worrying about wardrobe malfunctions while running after them! I do love a good dress and white sneaker combination too – it’s cute, yet practical.

Talk us through a typical day for you?

Really the only typical things in my days are the school drop off for my eldest and making sure my baby is home for his mid-morning nap. My days can include meeting with brands/fellow bloggers, shooting content, writing, play dates, cleaning, cooking… each day is so different!

What’s one item of clothing you cannot live without?

High waisted, stretchy, ankle-length jeans in black, dark and light washes. That’s half your wardrobe sorted there!

Festive Styling

Bailey Denim Jacket & Gabbi Embroidered Printed Playsuit.

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

Oooh this is a hard one! Now I’m a mother I no longer have the big wish list I used to have; my focus is always on my boys. But in saying that, I would really love a new pair of sunnies 😉🙊

Do you have any silly season styling tips?

Make sure your pants are stretchy – ha ha! Since I’m from Brisbane festive outfits need to be cool. Off-the-shoulder dresses, tops and playsuits are a great option for feeling cool without baring too much skin (not always the best idea at family gatherings). If you choose neutral colours and patterns you can change up the same pieces for different functions with different accessories such as a belt or statement earrings.

Favourite Christmas dish?

A cheese platter! I’m such a sucker for a good antipasto platter… there MUST be olives 🙌🏼

Festive Styling

Arianna Print Blouse & Freeform 360 High Waisted Skinny 7/8th Jeans.

What are your plans for this holiday season?

We were hoping to go to the beach for a few nights this Christmas, but left it too late to book! Hopefully next year. My husband is having a bit of time off though, so we’ll do day trips to the coast.

Which trends are you loving this summer?

Linen! I know it crushes and our nannas wore it, but it’s such a classic and gorgeous fabric. So effortlessly chic. A good white linen top with jeans and wedges is such a simple yet classy outfit.



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