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This month I’m so excited to introduce you to TWO BABES BEHIND THE BRAND Vanessa and Liv from Zarc Clothing. I love the body positivity and INCLUSIVENESS that Vanesa & Liv are bringing to the fashion world, their range starts at size 8 and goes up to a 24! So grab a cuppa and read along to get to know the BABE (s) BEHIND THE BRAND!


CSVP: What was the inspiration for starting Zarc Clothing?

Vanessa: We really wanted to find clothes that made us feel good for our new needs as mums. We also really wanted to create pieces that weren’t super short, cut out or midriff. More flattering pieces to create comfort and confidence where it lacked in us. I guess you could say I wasn’t feeling as confident as I once did. And was continually disappointed every time I would walk into a store and I saw something that I thought would look great but didn’t go up to my size!

Liv: Vanessa and I would catch up with the babies and often say how we need to create a brand that wasn’t labelled “plus size” but have bigger sizes!

Vanessa: Then I said one day lets stop talking about it and do it!

Liv: So two years in the making with lots of trial and error we were finally able to launch this august!



CSVP: Who IS Zarc?

Vanessa: I am a mum and a wife to Demetri and his big fat Greek family! We have two crazy little girls; Flora (5) and Gia (3), they are our world really! I have always loved clothes and dressing up! I remember my mum would always say when I was in my later years of high-school ‘If you put that much time and effort into your school work as you did on what you were gong to wear on the weekend you would be a genious’! I’ve been in hairdressing since I was a tea and tidy in school,  went on to work as a hairdresser and  then have my own salon after I got married. Just before I had Flora I sold the salon and I guess you could say it took a back step! I don’t think I’ll ever not do hair, at least for my closest friends and family, but I’m most excited and alive when I think of all the things that will be Zarc!

Liv: I am wife to Jim, mum to Kleopatra who is 5 going on 15, and Ioannis (yarns) aged 3 who thinks he is either a dragon or fighting one…. I tell you the testosterone thing is a challenge. But wouldn’t have it any other way. We build them big and beautiful. I’m now 39 and I have never been a girly girl, I have never liked dresses, but when I was younger and my mum would shop for me it was always florals and prints (so not my aesthetic). As I grew and became a mum I realised that what you wear really is a look into your soul, my Mum’s soul screamed Erica bBdu meets Betty Crocker while my soul screamed something between Duran Duran and Wham lol! I think she was a little disappointed that I would never say I loved what she had picked, but now I totally get it!

I worked in retail once upon a time and I really loved how clothes transformed a person how they made them feel on the inside and how it showed on the outside. Confidence is everything, and I loved giving people that confidence to get out there and slay. I love to dress others, it makes me feel good and makes me feel like I have accomplished the best thing in the world.

Raising kids to be complete within themselves is a challenge, and it starts from so early on, if they can see that we are kicking goals like that, then I am doing something right.

Vanessa: Oh and if you ask my kids what’s important, they will tell you what iI’e drummed into their heads and that’s to be happy healthy and kind! You can only try and get this through, but I have to say that word f*t is not allowed in our house, I’m all about everyone comes in all shapes and sizes and these are those important things… Happy, healthy and kind.



CSVP: What sets Zarc apart from other brands? 

Liv: Our heart. We had a purpose to create something meaningful for the little ones, something we were passionate about, something that would outlast us. I think Zarc is an overall belief – we are going to start our own cult soon.

Vanessa: We are size inclusive, 8-24 we saw a gap in the market that catered to all women of different sizes. We really wanted to be a place that someone who is a size 8 and size 24 can pick up the same item and both equally look and feel amazing!  That should just be standard!



CSVP: What does your typical day look like?

Vanessa: Kids, family, crazy, loud, non stop! I love starting with exercise, I find I’m in a better head space if I do but realistically I probably only get to the gym 2-3 times a week!

Work wise we start with coffee, then coffee and are continually bouncing ideas off each other and making sure we are continually going back to the reason we started this! Oh and laughing, eating and having fun! We love food obviously too, so we are always bouncing off each other what we are cooking for dinner that night! And what we going to have for lunch!

Liv: What Vanessa failed to mention is that she has already done a full day by the time I rise. She is up at 4:30am. I role out of bed at 7:00am. We are polar opposites when it comes to morning rituals – but by 8:30am we are on!



CSVP: If you could only wear ONE beauty item every day, what would it be? 

Vanessa: Eyeliner I don’t know what it is but even just a little under my eyes to me makes a difference

Liv: Makeup, um none. Not really into makeup every day but I’ll splurge on occasions. 



CSVP: What is you go-to outfit?

Vanessa: A dress, I just love an all in one outfit.

Liv: I have a uniform of jeans and a t-shirt, old habits fie hard! But I feel so comfy and it never goes out of style.



CSVP: What is your coffee/cafe order?

Vanessa: Flat white extra shot lactose free!

Liv: Double shot flat white (whole milk) and 1 sugar

Vanessa: Oh and our typical question in the morning is how many shots we’ve already had and if we can justify a takeaway coffee or settle for a one shot of Nespresso.!Our limit is probably 4 shots a day! Then heaps of water!



CSVP: What is your Must have piece from Zarc?

Liv: The Bootays… I would sleep in them if I could!

Vanessa: Taj Silk Set I just love it! So light, you can dress it up or dress it down so easily!


What do you do for self-care/relax?

Liv: What is self care? 

Vanessa: This is true, she’s hopeless! I’m always on Liv’s case!

Liv: I love a good movie or series and good cuddle on the couch!

Vanessa, Ok prima donna here, self care is a must! I love a facial and massages, acupuncture and finding a new crystal to add to my collection . Oh and burning oils and incenses to help try and switch off!



What is the best thing that has come out of running Zarc? 

Liv: Our relationship! We have seen it all in each other, every angle nook and cranny good bad and ugly! The biggest reward is the positive feedback, seeing pics of our customers feeling great in something we’ve created! At the end of the day that is what it’s all about for us! Helping women feel confident! It’s contagious!

Vanessa: I think we speak just about every day now and its weird when we don’t! It’s always such a laugh! We really ,or should I say Liv really makes me laugh!



CSVP: Favourite colour? 

Liv: Black, its my staple, sometimes I splurge and wear black!

Vanessa: Green haha I love colour! Love being in bright colours! Makes me feel happy!!



CSVP: Cocktail, champagne or wine?

Liv: Cocktail (no option for a shot?) Espresso Martini or something with ginger or passionfruit! Mmm yum!

Vanessa: Preservative free wine! (bad hayfever man!) or give me an Amaretto Sour or French Martini any day!

Liv: Really? I am shocked! I didn’t know that about her. So sophisticated, Ness!

Vanessa: Yeah I’m really claasay! Hahaha! I don’t know why but I love Amaretto and the cherry on top!

I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know Vanessa & Liv, the Babes Behind the Brand: Zarc Clothing. I know I have! Next time you’re online looking for some high quality, flattering and fun pieces go check them out!  x

Rachael xo



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  1. These girls are my kinda girls do naturally and down to earth.. I’m following there page on insta and love their clothes… so affordable…
    Thank you Rachael x

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