Hi Lovelies,

Don’t you hate those nights where you’ve gotten home late from work or school activities, or forgotten to defrost some meat from the freezer! Before you order that pizza, I recommend heading to your local IGA and pickup some of the Marathon Foods Chef Direct shelf stable meals.

If you’re anything like me, the initial thought on shelf stable meat is an apprehensive one. It just doesn’t seem right does it. But how is it different to baby food, really? We don’t give it a second thought grabbing those Heinz or Rafferty’s pouches stating no added preservatives etc. We are comfortable with the technology that enables companies to make their meals fresh and then package without the need for refrigeration or freezing for our babies, so why not the rest of the family too?!

So far I have tried the Lamb Shanks with Mint Gravy, Lamb Shanks in Red Wine & Rosemary, and Beef Meatballs (all so tender and delicious!) and am excited to try the con Carne soon! Now you can most definitely heat and serve (the meal is done for you, just add sides!) but I like to get a little creative… EASILY CREATIVE! So I’ve popped together a few simple recipes using the LAMB SHANKS that take next to no time to prepare and incorporate ready made FRESH food that your family will love!




Lamb Shanks + Baby Dinner Rolls + Premade Slaw = Slider Heaven! I would have added baby spinach as well but we were all out. Tasty, easy and perfect for kids too!




We have a pie maker and it’s SO easy to use, I literally cut the puff pastry, tore up the lamb shank meat to fill and closed the lid. A few minutes later… pie perfection! I added a bit of veg and some potato gems to make this an easy and yummy meal.




The classic way to serve lamb shanks is with mashed potato and vegetables, and it took no time to quickly whip up the vegetables (if you really want to save time you can buy the mash pre-made in the refrigerator section of the produce aisle in IGA too) while the lamb shanks were cooking in the oven. You can even heat them in the microwave for an even speedier preparation!




I don’t know about you but we love wraps in our household. Usually we will them with deli meats such as turkey or ham but I’ve torn up the lamb shank meat and added rainbow salad (pre-made), avocado and grated cheese for an easy and tasty lunch or light dinner.


I hope this has inspired you to not only try the delicious Chef Direct range (free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives PLUS no added MSG… why wouldn’t you!) but to mix things up with how you serve them! I have gotten a lot of my friends and family onto the shelf-ready meals, perfect to stash away for when you’re time poor or even when you stay away (we took some up the coast when we went away for an easy lunch option after a busy morning of beaching and swimming).

Rachael xo


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