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This month I’m so excited to introduce you to Tegan, the BABE BEHIND THE BRAND Sundaystyler. I love the effortless and classic style that Tegan brings to us with her gorgeous brand, and she’s a genuine and hilarious person too! Grab a cuppa and read along to get to know the BABE BEHIND THE BRAND!



CSVP: What was the inspiration for starting Sundaystyler?
SS: I wanted to create a brand of clothing that was casual, easy to wear and epitomised weekend style. After leaving the corporate world to have 3 kids in 3 years, I was no longer wearing suits every day, and the thought of hitting the shops with 3 kids in tow to try on clothes was just impossible! I knew I wasn’t alone, and I wanted to make it easier for women to buy clothes online, but also choose pieces that worked well with each other in a “capsule” type wardrobe so that you could wear each piece for more than one season, mixing with other pieces you already own as well as with our current pieces.

I also needed a job that I could be my own boss and work from home when needed, in order to look after my kids. Little did I know it would be the biggest job I would ever undertake! It’s great having the flexibility to be there for my kids, but I work around the clock to make it happen. It’s definitely a labour of love, and I love having a creative outlet every day.

CSVP: Who IS Tegan?
SS: I am 36, I have 3 kids, Miss 9, Master 7 & Master 6 with my husband of 11 years (I know, child bride!) who is incredibly supportive but has no idea about fashion. I live south of Sydney near the beaches of Cronulla where my family and I love to spend our free time together. We spend weekends at the beach watching the kids do Nippers, we love getting in the water for a surf or SUP.

I used to be a make-up artist, I was a Real Estate Agent before I had my kids. I ran a half marathon 2 years ago (I used to run for sanity when my kids were younger) I love a challenge and the City2Surf is something I try to do every year. I also love to read, my fave author right now is Liane Moriarty but I’m currently reading “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck” which speaks to me on so many levels, every woman should read it!

My hidden talent is juggling. I’m a bit of a clown.


CSVP: What sets Sundaystyler apart from other brands?
SS: Sundaystyler has a very relaxed vibe, we love basics, such as great quality denim and t-shirts, great quality fabrics like linen and cotton, it’s minimalist style with a bohemian vibe. Unlike other fast fashion brands, we pride ourselves on great quality that can be worn season after season as it is simple in style and will last through the washing machine. We love playing around with different silhouettes and embrace some androgyny in our style. We don’t do glam. 

I also thing that being a small business we are able to give that more personalised service. Your messages will be answered any day of the week, you can ask us questions about the fit, and we pride ourselves on great customer service. We are always available to our customers.

CSVP: What does your typical day look like?

SS: I try to get to a 6am gym class in the mornings (some of the time) then it’s home to the chaos that is the school morning rush. Lunches, uniforms, breakfast…. out the door to school! 

Then it’s off to the studio where I get to hang out with my 2 sisters for the rest of the school day, packing orders, buying stock, coordinating photoshoots. The photoshoots are always a lot of fun. My photographer is one of my best friends I met at mother’s group almost 10 years ago. We usually laugh all day long. The “photoshoots” are not as glamorous as they sound.. It generally involves us driving around the streets of Sydney looking for cool walls to shoot on, then as I model the clothes myself most of the time (unless I can rope a friend into doing it for me!) it means I’m getting changed out of my car in public, sometimes workman nearby, then posing on a random wall, I it find extremely embarrassing most of the time, but we end up laughing about it and don’t take it too seriously. I love going through all the shots and we occasionally share some of the bloopers in our instagram stories (there are a lot!). I then edit the photos ready for the website and social media, which is the creative part I love.

Then it’s time to pick up the troops, home for afternoon tea, homework, reading, make dinner, baths. Husband comes home and we have dinner, get the kids off to bed, then I continue working on website, social media content, answering emails until about midnight, then go to bed and wake up to do it all again!

CSVP: If you could only wear ONE beauty item every day, what would it be?
SS: Jeez only one.. probably my MAC concealer – dark circles!

CSVP: What is your coffee/cafe order?
SS: Long black

CSVP: What is your Must have piece from Sunday Styler?
SS: It would have to be our RES Denim Revenge Straight Jeans in Air Blue. I have been searching for a great denim brand to stock for ages, and I am so happy to be stocking this amazing Aussie designed and made brand. The high waist, cropped ankle, straight leg goes with any top or shoe, our customers are loving them.

CSVP: What do you do for self-care/relax?
SS: There are 2 versions. The healthy me that loves to destress at the gym (love a pump class) or a swim at the beach, and the not so healthy me that loves to eat and drink with my extended family until all hours! I love having a drink with my sisters. My family are my world.

CSVP: What is the best thing that has come out of running Sunday Styler?
SS:Probably seeing what I am capable of, I love being able to work with my sisters everyday (I share a studio space with Hayley & Jayde from She Street) we like to sneak off for a quick pub lunch sometimes, we share ideas and pick each other up when we need it. It’s cool, because we used to spend hours playing with Barbies and having fashion parades as kids, now we are doing it in real life LOL. But honestly the best part, is the lovely feedback from happy customers and meeting other supportive business women. The amount of mums out there just giving it a go, and supporting each other is really cool.


CSVP: Favourite colour?
SS: My favourite colour has always been blue, but if we are talking clothes, I LOVE white.

CSVP: Cocktail, champagne or wine?
SS: Margarita please!


I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know Tegan, the Babe Behind the Brand: Sundaystyler. I know I have! Next time you’re online looking for some cute pieces go check her out! (See below for a slideshow of some of the awesome Sundaystyler pieces I own!) x

Rachael xo




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    1. I loved reading your answers and seeing the gorgeous snaps of your family! It’s always so nice getting to know the women who work so hard behind the scenes of our favourite brands, thank you for being a part of BABE BEHIND THE BRAND! Xx


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