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As you may know, I recently visited The Laser Lounge Coorparoo for their new Deep Sea Peel. An intense herbal (mineral-rich seaweed extract and sea herbs) and non-chemical deeply penetrating peel that promotes the shedding of old, damaged skin cells. This plant-based peel is perfect for problem skin, scarred, pigmented and prematurely aged skin and has no retinol or acid in it. Skin is smoother, denser and more hydrated post peel.

Pre Treatment | Skin Free Of Base/Foundation

This would have to be the most uncomfortable facial treatment I’ve had, but the one with the most visible and or fast results. As the peel does not contain acids (fruit or otherwise) it has a different technology to cause the shedding. The Deep Sea Peel is massaged into your skin for 5-10 minutes a section depending on the results you want and/or how long you can handle the sensation. I lasted about 5-7 minutes on each section however as my skin is neither scarred or prematurely aged I didn’t require the full 10 minutes.


Immediately Post Treatment


Immediately after the treatment my skin was hot, red and a little bit swollen. The girls applied a cold compress to my skin and an intensive hydrating serum and the Rescue + Balm which is definitely a requirement for the few days post peel when your skin is shedding and repairing. For the first 24 hours skin feels like an intense sunburn.


24 Hours Post Treatment

One day after the peel my skin felt tight, warm and still had redness. The sunburn feeling was mostly gone although there was still slight swelling around my mouth and chin.


48 Hours Post Treatment
48 Hours Post Treatment

Although shedding can take 3-5 days to begin, mine started on day 2 around the chin and jaw area. The sunburn sensation was completely gone although it did feel tight and dry, but I applied the Rescue + balm throughout the day and that made it feel amazing immediately.


3 Days Post Treatment
3 Days Post Treatment

On day 3 I woke up to full face shedding, but thankfully not in the sheets that I had been warned could happen (you cant pull of rub the shedding skin off, so if it comes off in a large section/sheet you need to snip it off!). The Rescue+ balm not only assists the tight feeling, but disguises the shedding too which is a bonus!


4 Days Post Treatment
4 Days Post Treatment

Four days post peel and aside for a little bit around my hairline, the shedding had finished and I just had some dry/scaly areas around my chin and nose. Still using the Rescue+ Balm as my skin still felt tight and dry.


5 Days Post Peel

I felt as though my skin was back to normal at day 5. I could comfortably wear foundation again (without it sticking to dry areas) and I used the Rescue+ balm in the morning and evening only. My skin is visibly smoother, plumper, my pores are more refined and I definitely think it looks younger.

Day 6 Post Treatment

So very happy with the results from the Deep Sea Peel – here is a completely bare faced photo from day 6. No shedding or scaly bits left, just baby smooth skin!


7 Days Post Treatment + Post Medifacial

One week after my peel I popped in to see the Laser Lounge Coorparoo girls to have a hydrating Medi Facial to remove and little bits of shedding skin that may have still been there and give my skin an intense hydrating boost after all the repairing work it has been doing! I can honestly say my skin has never felt or looked so good.

If you’ve made it this far without being horrified, then I’m willing to bet that the Deep Sea Peel is something for you. It’s not for the faint hearted, but the results speak for themselves. PLUS The Laser Lounge has a SALE starting today with 50% Off Skin & Laser Treatments (and they offer Zip Pay) so clearer, smoother, more youthful looking skin is even more affordable!

Have you ever had a peel, or are you now interested in having one?

Rachael xo

3 replies on “Deep Sea Peel |Intense non-chemical Peel

  1. Hi,, recently i did a deep sea peel after ..the peeling was ok..but after the peeling i got a dark spot on my forehead..and the mark Is quite darker from my skintone..The beautician who did the peeling told me is because of my dry skin.and also she told me not to apply anything on my skin on those days..do you have any idea how i get rud of this dark spot

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    1. Hey Hun,
      I would get a second opinion from another salon if you’re not happy with what you’ve been told. It sounds like pigmentation which can sometimes happen however without seeing it in person it’s impossible to tell x


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