Hello Lovelies!

So my 4 weeks completing the Be Rapid program from Be Fit Food has come to an end. If you want to read my blog on the first two weeks click here. As you know I met my weight goal within the first fortnight, and was feeling more energetic and happier… essential for any Mama!

I’m pleased to announce the second half of the 4 weeks was even easier, and I feel amazing. I’m so much more energetic and even though I am SO happy with the weight loss, this is actually the result I am most pleased with. It’s hard to be the Mama you want to be when every day you feel tired and spent. I’ve finished just in time for the school holidays and I know we will have so much more fun and adventures with me feeling better and more energetic!

Week 3 I didn’t lose any weight due to hormones but that was just as exciting as a loss for me, usually I get quite bloated and the scales go up at least a kilo. It’s frustrating and can really put a dent in your motivation when you put on weight once a month just because you’re a woman! Week 4 I lost 1.7kg… so my final result is 5.1kg! 


Bear in mind that I didn’t increase my exercise this month, if I had I’m sure that I would have lost more. So if your weight loss goal is more than mine, and you’re prepared to increase your activity as well as follow the program strictly I’m sure you could lose a lot more than I did. For me, I could not be happier with my final result. I am less bloated, my clothes fit much better and I’m back to my happy and energetic self.

I will definitely be incorporating the things I have learnt on Be Fit Food into my every day habits, such as keeping up my increased water consumption, increasing the protein in my meals and snacks as well as decreasing portion size, and also eating more regularly… taking that extra 5 minutes to look after myself so I don’t starve my body or make poor choices because I’m hungry or rushed.

The team still have a code for you – RACH35 – for $35 OFF your first order, and if you’re thinking about trying the program I can’t recommend it enough. It has really changed so much for me in such a short period of time!

Rachael xo

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