Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

I am SO excited to introduce you to Hayley the mega babe behind She Street – a boutique aimed at providing a one stop shop for women who want fun and funky yet loose fitting COMFORTABLE clothing! I’ve been working with Hayley since pregnant with Bambino and had the amazing opportunity to hang out AND shoot with both her and Jayde when they had a Brisbane trip earlier this year. I adore Hayley and know you will too, so grab a cuppa and settle in to get to know her a bit more!

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CSVP: What was the inspiration for starting She Street?

SS: After I gave birth to my twins I found it hard to 1. Go shopping with my gigantic double pram and 2. Find clothes that I felt good in at the time. I knew what I was looking for and would shop online but I found I had to go through pages and pages of pieces to find the right shapes and cuts that knew I would feel comfortable in. I can’t count the amount of times I threw on some active wear (tights, a jumper and runners) so I could duck up to the shops and get a coffee or the occasional banana bread haha! So when I found a great piece I loved I thought wouldn’t it be great if there was a shop where you could buy all relaxed style clothing, that still felt cool, had personality and didn’t make you feel like you had to crash diet to wear it by the weekend.

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CSVP: Who IS Hayley?

SS: I’m a Mama of beautiful 4 year old twin boys, Phoenix and Gabriel. They were a surprise pregnancy, so you can imagine my surprise when they said there were two in there!! I am also the partner of a sweet Georgian man called Alex, aka Mr SHE STREET. Who does countless hours behind the scenes and supports my crazy ideas to no end. I’m also occasionally the front woman of a covers band and pretend I’m a rock star for a few hours on the weekend.

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CSVP: What sets SS apart from other brands?

I think we kind of run our own race in the fashion scene. We’re not super caught up in what is the most current and up and coming trend at that point in time, we’re more focused on whether our customers will feel comfortable and confident in the new piece we’re offering. It’s also a bonus if it has a little edge, fun or character to it.  Just because a piece is comfy, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. I also feel that my background in singing in clubs and bands over the years has influenced my taste and style so that adding either a pair of kicks, tassels or sequins to an outfit is totally necessary haha

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CSVP: What does your typical day look like?

SS: Wake up, make the twins breakfast, get them dressed and out the door to kindy. I then get to SHE STREET and see my awesome sisters in the office. We post orders, answer emails, get amongst our social media, shoot outfits, source stock, sometimes sneak in a cheeky pub lunch and then it’s time to go. I then get the boys, cook dinner, have some fambam time before getting them off to bed. It’s then back to social media and finishing off anything else for the day and then getting some rest before I get back up and do it all over again! 

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CSVP: If you could only wear ONE beauty item every day, what would it be?

SS: Hahaha oh man, one would do nothing for this ‘tied mum-face situation’, but if I had to choose one, I’d probably go with my tinted moisturiser…


CSVP: What is your coffee/cafe order?

SS: One large Almond Latte please!

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CSVP: What is your Must have piece from SS? 

SS: My must have piece right now would have to be the ‘Essential Black Dress’ it’s just one of those pieces you can pop on with a fresh pair of kicks, grab your bag and go! I’m all about the easy, no fuss clothing vibe, and if it’s a nice cut and fabric, that shit gets high rotation in my wardrobe haha.


CSVP: What do you do for self-care/relax?

SS: Self what??? Well my favourite thing to do in my downtime is hang with the fambam. We’re always entertaining at our house and time just seems to disappear when we all get together. I also find jumping up and down on stage every now and again and belting out a few tunes is good for the soul and clearing the head.

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CSVP: What is the best thing that has come out of running SS?

SS: I would have to say the amazing supportive women (like yourself!) we’ve connected with on social media and our beautiful customers. We have so many women that take time out of their day to tell us how awesome they feel wearing our clothes, whether they’re a new Mumma, have lost/gained weight or a just a woman that loves a relaxed style with a bit of edge and completely connects with our vibe. Getting this sort of feedback absolutely makes our day. Although we’re not saving lives we really feel like we’re making a mini impact on these ladies self confidence each and every day.

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CSVP: Favourite colour?

SS: For the love of all things shiny, I’d have to say gold.

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CSVP: Cocktail, champagne or wine?

SS: Oooooo it’s a tough call between a nice glass or prosecco or a big fat margarita. Depends on the mood J

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I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know Hayley, the Babe Behind the Brand: She Street. I know I have! Next time you’re online looking for some cute pieces go check her out! (See below for a slideshow of some of the awesome She Street pieces I own!) x

Rachael xo

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