Hi Lovelies,

Having babies will change your life. You won’t have as much time for yourself, sleep is non-existent, your house becomes crowded with so.much.baby.crap. We know this, we expect this. But maybe what we don’t REALLY know or expect is that babies are the gift that keep on giving… in gifts we’d rather be able to return sometimes! Our body changes and expands as we grow them, it changes again as we feed them, our hair starts falling out and has to regrow (hello annoying fluffy hair that won’t stay down!), our skin can break out, we now have (more) stretchmarks… and losing that baby weight is HARD!

Even if you already have children, it doesn’t mean you understand this. Well at least I didn’t! Bebe is now six, so not only did time soften my memories (or did I purposefully forget?) but my body did different things with him than it did with Bambino! With Bebe I put on 12 kilos and was back to my pre-baby weight within 4 weeks (different shape for sure though), with Bambino I put on 19.5 kilos… they started piling on from week 8 and didn’t stop!! And almost 12 months later I still have approx. 3.5 kilos of that weight still hanging around. It’s always the last few kilos isn’t it!


I know that’s not a lot, but it did mean things fit a littler firmer, jeans weren’t as comfy, I was between sizes instead of being a solid 12. And I had picked up a few bad habits from pregnancy that I hadn’t quit yet too, like eating extra carbs (the boys’ leftovers were the main culprits) and chocolate… and potato chips… I wasn’t feeling as bright eyed and bushy tailed as I had before (even taking into account having a bub who STILL hasn’t slept through ONCE in his life). I knew things had to change, so I could be a better Mama to the boys, have more energy and just feel more comfortable in my clothes and skin.

If you follow me on Instagram you would know two weeks ago I started Be Fit Foods Be Rapid plan. I did my research and looked into a variety of ways to lose the extra weight, but what appealed to me most with Be Fit Foods was it would help me get back to my healthy eating from pre-pregnancy, and would assist me in making better choices nutritionally for myself in the long term. It’s so easy to forget yourself as a Mama, and to eat your child’s scraps instead of spending 5 minutes making yourself lunch too. It’s a vicious circle where you’re too tired/busy to look after yourself so you become even more tired.


I decided my goals for the four weeks I was on the Be Rapid plan were to; increase my water intake, reduce snacking, and lose 3-4 kilos. Be Fit Food say on average their customer lose up to 4kgs in the first week, however I didn’t have a lot to lose AND I actually find it very difficult to lose weight so I wanted to keep my expectations reasonable.

Can I just tell you that having 3 meals and 1 snack for each day (the other snack you provide yourself) delivered to your door weekly is the most amazing thing ever!! 99% of the meals I rated as a 4 or 5 star (our of 5) and were so tasty and filling, the food really exceeded my expectations. I logged my daily food on Instagram, complete with star ratings and notes, and saved them in a highlights folder if you’d like to check it out. I ordered one of everything, even the meals I normally would never choose, so I could have variety and give you all feedback on everything.


The first thing I noticed was in the first few days I was significantly less bloated. I don’t think I’m a terrible eater, so it just goes to show that carbs really are NOT my friend! Being a low carb/high protein diet was SO much easier than I thought it would be and I definitely think it was due to the food being so tasty. If I was ever hungry or needed the fibre, I added a packet of microwaveable steam fresh veg (from the allowed extras list) and generally my additional snack was YoPro (a high protein yoghurt) or skim latte. I was a touch tired on the second or third day, but didn’t suffer the headaches or lethargy that some people can when they carb detox. The first few days the hardest thing was literally changing from having lattes to macchiatos (straight black didn’t do it for me, and you’re allowed to add a splash of milk to your coffee in moderation). And if that’s the hardest thing, then boy was I onto a winner.

After the first week I gingerly got on the scales, I knew that I felt better and clothes were fitting better but I didn’t want to be disappointed. To my surprise I had lost 2.4 kilos! That’s a LOT for me, and over half of my excess baby weight. I was chuffed! In week two I kept telling myself I’d be lucky if I lost 500 grams as I had had such a large loss in week one, and again to my surprise I had lost another kilo. So half way through and I’ve met my weight goal, but I’m FEELING so much better. I wake up before my alarm clock instead of waking up feeling like death, I have more energy and am back to being more ‘fun’ with the boys, I don’t feel like I need a ‘pick me up’ or ‘treat’ in the afternoon or after the boys go to bed (except coffee, coffee is life), and I’m happier.

I am excited for the changes that the final two weeks will bring, I hope I feel even more energetic and I wouldn’t mind another kilo or two loss. I’ll definitely keep you posted. And if you want to look into the Be Fit Food program (there are different plans with different calories and/or dietary requirements) then I definitely encourage it, the website has a huge amount of information, which is what initially drew me to them PLUS the fact the programs are designed my Doctors and Dieticians. And as I had so many ladies asking me about BFF, I asked if they’d give me a discount code for you and they did! RACH35 gets you $35 OFF your first delivery.

I’ll update you again with my progress at the end of the 4 weeks, but if you’d like to follow along daily with my meals and reviews then make sure you’re following me on Instagram!

Rachael xo

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