Once upon a time the only butt cream I was worried about was the firming kind, but these days I’m all about the nappy creams… (no not for me!). Who knew there was so many options, and that I would soon become a connoisseur of said creams.

I have chunky babies (I mean look at those thighs *all the heart eyes*) so a hard working barrier cream that also soothes and reduces redness is a must for us. I’ve used a number over the years and these three are my absolute favourite!



What They Say: Covitol® provides a thick, smooth barrier for long lasting protection. It helps relieve eczema, sunburn, cuts, scrapes, skin infections & nappy rash. Specially formulated with high levels of Cod Liver Oil, Zinc Oxide, Paraffin & Lanolin. Together they seal out wetness & germs to help skin irritations disappear quickly

What I Say: I was very happily using the Covitol as a barrier cream at night, it’s thick and provides great coverage with staying power. No redness after a full night in the nappy. BUT I was so impressed when I used it on some self inflicted scratches Bambino had decided to do (right before his party of course) and overnight they were mostly gone!

To read more and find a stockist click HERE


Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream

What They Say: Not just for sore little baby bottoms, the Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream is a nourishing organic topical application ideal for a range of stressful skin conditions. Offering healing Calendula Extract with organic Shea Butter Avocado and Aloe Vera.

What I Say: I love the Little Innoscents brand and use quite a few of their products, and the Intensive Soothing Cream is beautiful. I often use it during the day at nappy changes as it’s not a thick barrier cream, and removes all traces of redness after one application! I also pop it on those sore, red teething cheeks too.

To read more and find a stockist click HERE


Mater Mothers Nappy Balm

What They Say: Mater Nappy Balm is a silky smooth, exceptionally gentle cream ideal for nourishing red and delicate bottoms. This unique, soothing formula forms a protective barrier to repel wetness while still maintaining breathability and moisturising the skin, making for a drier, smoother bottom and a comfortable, happy baby.Mater Nappy Balm was formulated to replicate the moisture barrier qualities of the vernix—a naturally occurring barrier substance produced in-utero which coats and protects the baby before birth. This represents a breakthrough in nappy area care, in that the formula both protects the skin, and allows it to breathe.

What I Say: I love the this because it’s a barrier cream but it’s not super thick and gluggy, it removes all redness and is so easy to use. What I love MOST though is that proceeds from all Mater Mothers Products (including the nappies pictured above) help fund specialist life-saving care and research through Mater Little Miracles, Australia wide!

To read more and find a stockist click HERE

What are your favourite nappy balms/creams? Or do you have a funny story about one? I’d love to hear!

Rachael xo

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