Hello Lovelies!

If you follow along on Instagram Stories you would have seen that we trialled a 5 Day Family Box recently from Hello Fresh. I wasn’t sure how we would go, Bebe is still going through a picky phase (I thought it ended at 5!) and I didn’t know how the portion sizes would be – but I’m pleased to say we loved it! So a big thank you to the lovely Jennifer from Evie And The Beads who sent me a discount code to try it!

And because I loved having Hello Fresh so much, I have a discount code for YOU so you can try it too with $50 off your first box! Use code CHAMPAGN at checkout to save!


Our goodies arrived in a box, packaged in recyclable packaging (read about it here) and each meal was sorted into colour coded brown paper bags that matched up with easy to follow recipe cards!




The real test of course was making the food… and if everyone would eat it! I will also say that I don’t think we needed the Family Box (Hubby disagrees because he really enjoyed having the dinners for lunch the next day) as I feel like a 2 serving would have comfortably fed Hubby, myself and Bebe.


Day 1: Italian Beef Burger

Of course the boys voted for burgers for night one, and they devoured them! Everyone was really impressed with the burgers and I was impressed with how easy they were to make! Recipe Here!



Day 2: Creamy Chicken & Leek Pot Pie

The night I made this, I had to go out. So I prepped it all and left it for hubby to finish off in the oven. I had some when I got home later that night…. yummy! Even Bebe ate it all! Recipe HERE!


Day 3: Cheat’s Pork Jacket Potatoes

Terrible lighting as once again I was headed out the night I made this, and you’ll notice that there’s Broccolini and Carrot instead of salad… Bebe doesn’t do salad so I swapped for veg for him (and Hubby if he wanted it). Once again a huge hit and really easy to make. Recipe HERE!


Day 4: Speedy Sweet Chilli Beef Noodles

I wasn’t sure how we would go with this, as Bebe doesn’t like spicy food. But I halved the sweet chilli sauce in the actual recipe and hubby and I drizzled the rest on our serves and Bebe loved it! And it was really quick and easy to make. I added left over broccolini we had in the fridge as well as I knew that would get eaten. Recipe HERE!


Day 5: Ham & Basil Rice Pilaf

Okay I failed at taking a photo of the prepared meal for the last day… but it honestly looked like the picture… you’ll have to trust me ha ha! Out of all of the recipes this is the one I thought would bring Bebe undone… I don’t often cook with pesto for him (it’s such a strong flavour and he prefers mild) and he HATES beans… with a passion! So I swapped out his beans for asparagus and mixed in half plain rice to lessen the intensity for him, and he GOBBLED it up! Hubby & I ate per recipe and it was delish!



I will add here that I’m not usually one to make ‘2 meals’ aka one for kids and one for adults, I believe the kids should eat what we eat. BUT it was so simple to slightly modify the recipes to ensure Bebe ate all his dinner up without complaint and we really enjoyed the stress free night time routine. No more thinking about what we were cooking for that night or worrying about defrosting meat on time!

We will definitely be continuing to use Hello Fresh, and if you’d like to give it a go don’t forget to use code CHAMPAGN to get $50 OFF your first box!

Love, Rachael xo

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