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Recently I had my eyebrows tattooed by the lovely Kate from Etch Artisan. This however was not my first rodeo! Before I get into the nitty gritty, let me give you some background on my eyebrow journey.

Aside from a too thin detour in my teens/early 20s, I’ve always left my eyebrows on the thicker side (for them) as I don’t actually have much! Being a natural (dark) blonde I also have fair eyebrows without a lot of shape. When I studied Beauty Therapy straight out of High School, I discovered tinting and the huge difference it could make in creating shape and the illusion of thickness. Fast forward over 10 years and I’ve been tinting my eyebrows every 10-14 days PLUS using brow powder (I went through the pencil and pomade phases… and I can honestly say it does not look good! Stick to powder ladies, it’s a lot more natural and less ‘drawn on’ looking).


So 3.5 years ago I popped onto the (long) wait list of a nationally renowned technician, waited almost 12 months and paid an absolute fortune for feather touch eyebrow tattooing. Aside from a very disappointing bedside manner, the brows themselves were not even and a lot of strokes ‘fell out’ in very important places (aka the arches and front of the eyebrows). This of course can happen and having oily skin it makes it more prevalent to happen, however when I went to the 6 week retouch appointment the attitude of the technician was really awful and once again a lot of strokes fell out afterwards. I decided to wait 12 months (the recommended time between touch ups, although you can do after 6 months if like me you lose a lot of strokes) and let them fade out and find a new technician to go to. And just on 12 months… I fell pregnant with Bambino! No tattooing of any sort is allowed while pregnant or breastfeeding, but it did give me some time to REALLY watch a handful of technicians on Instagram.


First thing I would recommend it to watch the ones who post ALL sorts of work, from filling in already lovely eyebrows to really ‘reconstructive work’ on chemotherapy patients, older ladies who have overplucked, work on old tattooing etc. After keeping a close eye on maybe three accounts I decided Kate was the one I wanted to go with. Not only was her work consistently amazing, she offered a great variety of techniques to cover everyone’s needs. Of course Kate was pregnant when I decided this, so I was popped on her wait list for when she came back from maternity leave. Wonders will never cease, Kate took the shortest maternity leave known to man and I was able to see her much sooner than I anticipated! Hooray!

What I loved about my first visit with Kate was she really took the time to listen and understand what I wanted, what my experience with the feather touch tattoo had been like, how I liked to powder in my brows and what my skin was like. In no time we agreed that this time we would do a Powder Brow so I had the fullness and shape I enjoyed when I did my makeup, and Kate got to work numbing my skin then measuring up my brows. THIS was something that the first technician I went to didn’t do, she claimed she had been doing it long enough that she didn’t need to. If that ever happens to you I seriously ask that you finish your appointment and go to someone who does – eyebrows are sisters not twins EXCEPT when you’re getting them tattooed!!


The procedure does not hurt at all, from consult to finish was under 2 hours and in that time Kate reapplied the numbing cream on the side she wasn’t currently working on to make sure I didn’t feel a thing. Immediately after they were slightly pink, a little puffy, shiny from the cream and AMAZING. The shape was great and although a little dark (pigment fades up to 50% during the healing process) I was SO happy with them. There is literally no down time, I went to a movie premiere the night I had them done. You can’t apply makeup directly over the eyebrows for at least the first week, but I can apply everywhere else!


For the next 7-10 days I am to keep them dry, reapply cream to keep them soft, NOT pick at any flaking that may happen and wait for my 6 week touch up appointment where any adjustments or touch ups that may need to be done will happen. From about day 4 ‘scales’ can start to shed, I’m on day and they feel a little tight so I expect the shedding to start soon.

The other thing I love about Kate is she is very well priced ($600 for initial appointment and $150 for the follow up appointment) AND she offers ZipPay! So you don’t have to wait to save up to have perfect eyebrows!


I’ll keep you up to date with the progress!

Have you had eyebrow tattooing? If yes, what was your experience? If no, is it something you want done?

Rachael xo

3 replies on “Eyebrow Tattooing with Etch Artisan | Part I

    1. Hi Terri!
      These are immediately after my session, as I say in the blog over the next month they’ll settle and actually lose about 50% of the colour. Stay tuned in a few weeks for Part II of the blog which will show the healed brows x


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