Hello Lovelies!

Most women wake up every morning, look in their wardrobes, huff “I have nothing to wear” and pull out the same thing they wore yesterday. Do you know why?


Because we usually don’t buy an item thinking “what else in my wardrobe does this go with?”, because we usually leave ourselves to the last minute while we get everyone else ready in the morning, and because there’s usually something about our #MumBods that we’re not confident about and so we stick to ‘safe’ aka boring pieces over and over again.


Today I’m taking five flattering, affordable and versatile pieces and showing you just how easily it is to mix and match to create multiple outfits that will leave you feeling fabulous!


The pieces I have chosen work well together because they have a colour scheme, kahki and red. This can be changed up to suit your personal taste. Capsule Wardrobe: Carter Jeans, Telv Dress, Knox Knit, Shelly Knit & Liz Coatigan.


Look 1:


Starting off nice and easy, I’m going to introduce you to the pieces. The Carter jeans are every woman’s dream come true. High rise, stretchy, ankle length… they fit and flatter like no other jeans I have ever owned. Available with and without distressing and different washes, today I’m wearing the Indigo, dark denim is so flattering and versatile. I’ve paired them with the Knox Knit in Khaki (also available in Black, Grey, Blossom & Mustard) which is a fantastic length (hides both the #MumTum and booty without being frumpy), beautiful fine knit so not to add bulk and has great zip details on the side which you can unzip for extra room or so you can #KnotTieTuck the front into a skirt or jeans for a more polished look.


Look 2:


Adding some warmth and pattern to Look 1, I’ve popped on the super soft and snuggly Liz Coatigan. Coatigans are amazing for Mamas because you get the look of a coat but the movement and softness of a cardigan. The Liz also comes in Black but I love the Khaki for something different.


Look 3:


I’ve swapped out the Knox Knit for the gorgeous Shelly Knit in red (also available in Black), the curved hem at the front is great for hiding the #MumTum and we all love a high low hemline. I loved the ribbed texture of the knit, and the cuff detail makes it perfect for pushing up for a ¾ sleeve look for something different as well. Usually I stay away from higher necklines as they can make my EE bust look larger, but the cowl neck on the Shelly Knit is extremely flattering and not bulky at all.


Look 4:


Once again I’ve added the gorgeous Liz Coatigan to the Knit, and this time the outfit really pops with the red and khaki combination. The cowl neckline of the Shelly Knit look fantastic layered under the Liz coatigan (which has a hood too!).


Look 5:


Now for a completely different look I’ve layered the Telv Dress over the Carter Jeans. Popping jeans under a dress is an easy way to take it through the cooler months. You could also layer with tights instead of jeans for a different look. The Telv Dress has pops of red through the khaki which is why I chose Khaki and Red knits, however black or grey or white/cream and even yellows would work just as well.


Look 6:


For this look I’ve removed the Carter Jeans and layered the Shelly Knit over the Telv Dress. If it’s too cold where you are for bare legs you could just add tights! The rounded hem on the Shelly Knit is perfect for layering over dresses as it doesn’t cut off the waist.


Other looks I haven’t photographed but you could mix and match are: Liz Coatigan over Telv Dress (with and without Carter Jeans) for a print clash delight, Knox Knit over Telv Dress (just unzip and #KnotTieTuck) once again with and without Carter Jeans, and even Layering the Shelly Knit over the Knox Knit for extra warmth and detail. So that’s a minimum of 11 outfits from five key pieces… almost a fortnight without repeating outfits but still being comfortable and cute!


I hope this has helped to inspire you to curate your wardrobe into a mix and match capsule to take out the stress and monotony of everyday dressing!


Rachael xo

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