Hello Lovelies!

With the end of term two upon us, I thought it was the perfect time to do a Gift Guide for teachers. Our wonderful teachers have been looking after and nurturing our children for half the year now, not only do we have a better idea of their personalities and likes, they also truly deserve a little something special for all the hard work they do!

Bebe’s teacher is amazing. A bright, bubbly, beautiful and friendly lady in her late twenties, she always has a smile for each child and parent and makes time for a little chat every day. The first thing I noticed about Bebe’s teacher is the way she engages with the children, she gets down to their level and makes eye contact and has a genuine conversation with them. When Bebe went fishing with his Daddy and went to school the next Monday he couldn’t wait to tell his teacher all about it, she completely engaged in the conversation about fish and bait… it’s truly beautiful to see as a parent. She always has a smile and chat with me as well, usually about Bambino who’s doing his very best flirting for all the Mum’s and kids ha ha!

When putting together this gift guide I definitely had Bebe’s teacher in mind, but it works for most teachers, friends, family members… even yourself! And of course I included small businesses, as convenient as it is to head to Kmart I truly believe we need to support and empower each other and that means small business creatives who are usually full time workers, Mama’s, or sometimes both!




Tamra is a Mama of two boys and creates gorgeous tassel, wooden and acrylic earrings… from designing them herself, to peeling the paper (both sides) off each piece, to gluing, to carding, to wrapping and more. And yet they are incredibly affordable AND she offers AfterPay! There is literally something for everyone, from small and dainty, to statement, to quirky, all in solid, glitter, mirrored and even confetti designs! It’s safe to say I’m a little addicted already!

Parti de Couleur Stud Earrings $15.00

Daisy Stud Earrings $10.00

Nicole Dangle Earrings $26.00




You may have seen my recent post on Mud + Gee… I believe that when we have the chance to make an experience something special we definitely should. And Mud + Gee do just that. Tea in a test tube… I won’t have it any other way again 😉 With over 10 blends (all with fabulous names such as ‘I Can’t Adult Today’, ‘Good Vibes Only’ and ‘Babe, You Got This’), rose gold infusers and glass infuser drink bottles… it’s literally a one stop gift shop! Perfect for your teacher to unwind with over the holidays.

Can’t Adult Today $9.95 (sale)

Frankie Says Relax $9.95 (sale)

Heart Tea Infuser $12.95




Hand poured, vegan, natural & soy based ingredients, high quality, Australian made candles that don’t cost an arm and a leg?? Sign me up! Emma started making candles as gifts and now juggles the small business with working full time as a hairdresser! With over 20 different scents, there is definitely something for everyone from sweet, to crisp, to subtle to floral and more! Each candle comes in a reusable glass jar with natural timber lid and you can even have a custom monogram added! The medium candle burns for up to 33 hours and is less than $25, what a bargain! Emma has a variety of candles including charity candles, as well as soy melts and reed diffusers.

Medium Soy Candles (Tropical Coconut) $24.95



TopKnot Girl

Holly handmakes each headband herself, saving us from bad hair days and unwashed hair… thank you Holly! With new designs regularly released, and a variety of styles and sizes (yes you can twin baby doll and little one or daughter and Mama, or even all three!) these will be a great gift for teacher’s for on those busy mornings when they have to get to school on time! They’re all amazing for Mamas who have less time to wash and do hair, I know this from experience!

Classic Coral WideKnot Headband $16.00


Happy holidays to all our lovely teachers, we hope you have a wonderful break!

Rachael x





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