Oops… and just like that our rainbow has been out as long as he was in…


I did mean to write a 6 month blog. I also meant to keep the baby book up to date, and not let the baby watch TV yet, or eat potato chips, or spend all day each day in his Bonds Zippy suits. But you know what, he doesn’t watch that much, it was only a handful, they’re super comfy (wish they came in my size) and I’m human. And tired. And have an almost six year old to manage. And by manage I mean he negotiates like Harvey Spectre from Suits and has very specific ideas on what foods he will and won’t eat presently.

I’m not a minimalist. I’m not a free range mum. I’m not into earthing. Does that make me a bad Mum? According to social media if my children are not barefoot in nature at sunset eating organic foods and playing with wooden toys while singing folk songs… then I may be (kudos to all the parents that can manage that by the way, but Bebe loves BFFs and hot wheels and Block Craft (child version of Mine Craft) and eating dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets).

I’m much more laid back this time and I blame sleep deprivation. Bambino doesn’t sleep through the night still, he thinks day sleeps are optional and bottles aren’t for drinking at once, but rather sipping periodically before slamming them away forcefully and Exorcisting his way off me onto the floor. He’s been teething for 6 months straight AND STILL HAS NO TEETH. But he is the DEAREST little thing, ready with a smile even when whining/sick/teething/tired etc, he ADORES his brother and his Daddy and his Mama. He’s happy to be left with his Beenma & Regpa or his Godmother Aunt Dianne, and generally acts like an angel for them. He is doted upon and will most likely grow up to be a brat because he gets everything he wants, mainly from his big brother.

SO your baby book might be missing some info, and you don’t have as many photos as your brother does… but we couldn’t imagine life without you little rainbow.

My hat goes off to anyone with more than two children, I honestly don’t know how you do it! And working Mamas… phew! I don’t know how you function. And if no one has told you today, you’re doing an amazing job… keep it up xx



Love, Rachael xx

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