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Recently I helped my girlfriend Jac (of Jacqueline L Smith Makeup) curate a travel capsule wardrobe for her month long European holiday. Jac was headed home to Scotland to be a bridesmaid, so there would be a few lunches, dinners, a Hen’s Night and the wedding as well as the usual tourist type adventuring (Jac’s hubby is Australian and she has two young daughters who haven’t seen where Mama is from). Space was limited, we had to cover a lot of bases AND we had to make sure the outfits were #MumUniform friendly.

Jac had gone through her wardrobe and pulled out all the things she though she might need and wear on holiday….


Tip #1:

CULL CULL CULL then CULL some more!

If it doesn’t fit right, CULL!

If you don’t feel good in it, CULL!

If it’s not comfortable, CULL!

If it’s highly patterned or coloured and doesn’t go with the majority of your other items, CULL!!


We went through every item that Jac had put out and culled as per the above, I then limited the number of items she could take… two pairs of jeans instead of four, six tops (including sleeveless, casual and dressy) instead of ten… you get the drift. “It doesn’t take up much room” is often uttered while packing but I can tell you ten small items suddenly take up more room that you thought!




Tip #2:

We lay out all the pieces on the floor that were definite “YES” pieces as we went, culling further as required, and then we photographed the outfits those pieces could make so that Jac can quickly reference on her phone the different outfits she can choose from without feeling bored and restricted. From 24 pieces (jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, playsuit, shoes, jackets, cardigans, jumpers) Jac has a MINIMUM 51 outfits that she can make… and all her bases are covered… casual, dressy, hen’s night etc And all temperatures (apparently a Scottish Summer is like a Brisbane Winter, you can have anything from warm to chilly!).



List Of Pieces:

3 Pairs of Shoes

2 Pairs of Jeans

1 Pair of Pants

2 Pairs of Shorts

1 Skirt

3 Dresses

1 Playsuit

2 Jackets

1 Cardigan

2 Jumpers

6 Tees/Tops

The additional items not pictured are underwear, pjs, activewear and the plane outfit that Jac is wearing. That’s it! All into one average sized suitcase!


My MUST HAVE Pieces:

  1. Denim Jacket with Stretch in Mid Wash i.e. White Haven Emporium Frayed Denim Jacket $79.95
  2. Khaki Lightweight Anorak i.e. You Rock Style Dexter Anorak $69.95
  3. Black Mid to High waisted Jeans with Stretch i.e. Sunday Styler Frankie Jeans $59.00
  4. Mid Wash Mid to High waisted Jeans with Stretch i.e. TSID Clothing Carter Jeans $69.00
  5. Neutral Longline Cardigan i.e. You Rock Style Mila Cardigan $89.95
  6. Plain White T-Shirt in Slub or Linen i.e. Country Road Cotton Slub T-Shirt $49.95
  7. Stripe T-Shirt in Slub or Linen i.e. Country Road Linen Stripe Swing T-Shirt $49.95
  8. White Cropped Trousers i.e. Glassons Linen Blend Wide Leg Trousers $59.99
  9. Comfortable White Kicks i.e You Rock Style Superga 2750 Cotu Leather $109.95
  10. Comfortable Cute Flats i.e. Seed Sky Buckle Slide $89.95


Another great tip is to use Space Bag vacuum Seal/roll bags for extra space too!


What packing tips do you swear by?

Rachael xo





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