Hi Lovelies,

As you know, I have been *cursed* with a wide fit foot. This makes shoe shopping online ALMOST impossible, not to mention restrictive when it comes to new styles. I don’t always want to invest in *sensible* shoes, sometimes I just want something fun! I have found a few styles and tricks though that I know I can use to ensure the shoe fits!


Lace Up Styles:

Wide Foot Perfection! Totally customisable to your foot, lace up is your nest friend (not to mention super cute!).


1. You Rock Style Prince Heel $99.95

2. ASOS TONIC Wide Fit Lace Up Heeled Sandals $70.00

3. Spendless Shoes Quinn Heel $49.99

4. Frankie4 Footwear Alana $219.95

Size Up:

Pointed toe? Narrow look? Go up a size. I often size up to an 8 from a 7 for a little extra wiggle room.


1. You Rock Style Rhino Loafer $59.95

2. ASOS MOVEMENT Wide Fit Leather Loafers $70.00

3. Mabel & Woods Faye Pony Slide/Loafer $149.95

4. Rubi Shoes Peta Point Loafer $19.95


Styles that would normally be too tight across the width of my foot that come in leather are worth the investment, the leather stretches with wear and moulds to your foot – so comfy!


1. You Rock Style Celeste Heel $109.95

2. You Rock Style Superga 2750 Cotu Leather kicks $109.95

3. Frankie4 Nikki Tan Punched $219.95

4. Frankie4 Beth Rose Gold $229.95


Customisable shoes? Is that a thing? Yes! I have two pairs of boots (for now…) from the Frankie4 Footwear brand and the best thing is their shoes come with customisable inserts, for narrow, normal and wide fit! If you’re super wide just take out all the inserts and feel the freedom!


1. Frankie4 iZZY Boot $299.95

2. Frankie4 Footwear Nat Palms $229.95

3. Frankie4 Footwear Judy $199.95

4. Frankie4 SALLi Boot $289.95

Wide Fit:

Some brands carry a specific wide range, ASOS have a huge range and although it can be touch and go with the fit and feel – they do offer free returns so if it doesn’t fit you can send it back!


1. ASOS JINX ME Wide Fit Studded Espadrilles $36.00

2. ASOS PARIS Wide Fit Pointed Heels $50.00

3. ASOS LATCH Wide Fit Pointed Ballet Flat $28.00

4. ASOS ABSOLUTE Wide Fit Suede Chelsea Ankle Boots $76.00

I hope this has helped you think outside the box when it comes to shoe shopping for wide feet, and a new shoedrobe is on the horizon for you!

Rachael xo

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