Hi Lovelies!

You may not know this, but in my chest beats a preppy loving heart. Clueless is my wildest dreams come true. Tartan skirts and knee high socks… Oh how I wish I’d had the chance to pull that off while it was in fashion and before it became a mutton vs lamb issue. So here’s my age and year appropriate version… and of course there would be a #KnotTieTuck action going on with the knit and pants.

Did you preppy? Do you preppy?



H&M Cigarette Trousers Size 4-18 $39.99

Decjuba Muse Knit Pullover Size S-L $109.95

Kmart Lace Up Flatform Shoes Size 6-11 $20.00

Quay Australia Oh My Dayz $70.00



What do you think of these finds? Are any now on your Wish List? Did any of last week’s round up take your fancy and end up add to cart? Let me know in the comments (and add a pic if you purchased it too)!
Rachael xo

2 replies on “WISH LIST WEDNESDAY | 23 May

  1. No don’t think I’m preppy not sure what style I am I just copy you!! Need those Kmart shoes. I was in there last week and forgot to get them. Love the jumper too x

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    1. Isn’t the jumper cute! I keep forgetting to try the shoes on too, I’m usually rushing (which is probably a good thing because if I spent too much time in Kmart I could do some real damage 😂) xx


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