Happy Monday Lovelies!

I am SO excited to introduce you to Natasha, this month’s Babe Behind The Brand. Tash is SUCH an inspirational girl boss, running her own business and raising two beautiful daughters as a single Mum. I have such huge respect for small business owners as you know, and can’t imagine how much extra work and time Tash has to put into every day life as a single mum as well! Grab a cuppa and let’s get to know Tash, the babe behind the brand Belle Cose.



CSVP: What was the inspiration for starting Belle Cose?

BC: Belle Cose means beautiful things in Italian.. it would be a total lie if I said the cliche I dreamt about owning a clothing business  blah blah blah.. my great passion was actually interior decorating & real estate..

 Belle Cose was initially opened as a homewares and giftware shop in 2015,as an extension of my interior decorating background.. I wanted a place where people could come and see merchandised homewares, & furnishing collections and offered interior decorating advise.. 

Whilst Belle Cose Interiors was received well, more and more women were expressing their desire for a clothing boutique in the area .. There was a real gap in the market in Patterson Lakes. So with some careful consideration and a slow transition into women’s clothing Belle Cose Clothing was born.. 

In November 2017 the boutique had a major renovation and it is now the only clothing boutique of its kind in Patterson Lakes.  


CSVP: Who IS Natasha?

BC: I am a mother, a daughter, a friend, a boss lady..😊

I believe in working hard to achieve your goals, and the world owes me nothing.. 

I am generous, resilient, strong but sensitive. I try to remember to count my blessings rather than complain about my disadvantages

I am very impatient, 😦 and don’t suffer fools! 

I enjoy a glass of red, a good laugh and try not to take myself too seriously.. 

I am always racing against the clock to get 548 things done in one day! …. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS drop the ball with something 🙀

I love my sleep, but I’m always tired..

I feel like I have lived multiple lives all in one

I’m most proud of my two daughters who have blossomed into beautiful humans, (most of the time!) ..😆



 CSVP: What sets Belle Cose apart from other brands

 BC: What sets BC apart is that we provide on  trend fashion for all ages and all body types.. we understand  that a 30 year old is not going to wear an outfit the same way as a 50 year old.. so we provide an honest and versatile way of wearing pieces to suit an individuals according to their age, body type and personality. We are honest and don’t BS our customers. We are attentive , and listen to their needs. We carry good quality well known but affordable brands such as Elm lifestyle, Betty basics, Sass, Eb & Ive, Isle of mine and more. 


CSVP: What does your typical day look like?

Gosh! Where do I start! The alarm clock goes off at 6am and I slowly roll out of bed.. I cannot function without my first coffee, and it’s a case of approach with caution until then! Lol! I try to go for a walk around the river most mornings some mornings I rather sleep in a bit longer. I jump in shower after walk  and get ready to head to the shop.. The rest of the day is juggling between customers, ordering stock, putting away stock, Making phone calls, marketing, putting on line orders together, etc etc etc.. 


CSVP: If you could only wear ONE beauty item every day, what would it be? 

BC: I need my moisturiser 


CSVP: What is your coffee/cafe order?

BC: weak skinny latte, no sugar! 


CSVP: What is your Must have piece from Belle Cose?

BC: I’m obsessed with our Bessy Biker jackets.. 


CSVP: What do you do for self-care/relax?

BC: I love to cook, unwind with a nice Merlot, and def a charcoal activated organic face mask once a week! 


Friends since high school, over 25 years of life together!



CSVP: What is the best thing that has come out of running Belle Cose? 

BC: Meeting so many beautiful customers that have truly become wonderful friends. 


CSVP: Favourite colour? 

BC: Emerald green! 


Charlie the family dog


CSVP: Cocktail, champagne or wine?

BC: Wine! 


I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know Natasha, the Babe Behind the Brand: Belle Cose. I know I have! Next time you’re online looking for some cute pieces go check her out! (See below for a slideshow of some of the awesome Belle Cose pieces I own!) x

Rachael xo


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