Hi Lovelies!

If you follow me on Instagram and saw my stories last week, you would know that the beautiful people at Davroe generously sent me some of their range to trial. I was EXTREMELY excited as I have used Davroe for the last 6 or so years and LOVE it. Quality hair care is really important to me as I have fine hair that damages easily (but love to colour and heat style) AND supporting Australian businesses is a passion of mine.

PLUS not only do I have a great range of products to introduce you to – I also have some amazing gift packs to give away to three lucky ladies! A MOISTURE Senses Gift Pack (RRP $54.95), a VOLUME Senses Gift Pack (RRP $54.95), and a Limited Edition Indulge Treatment Pack (RRP $100).

I’m going to give you a run down on ALL the products that I’ve used, gifted and purchased myself, so I’ll keep my reviews brief and link you to the items on the Davroe website for in depth information on the product… that way I won’t inundate you with a huge blog post! But feel free to email me if you’d like further information. I’m going to make a note here, as it applies to all the products in the range, the scents are from natural ingredients not perfumes which means they fade quickly after use and don’t linger (which means no irritation or sneezing lol).




DAVROE: Anti-humectant Smooth Senses reduces frizz and helps prevent fly-aways, providing exceptional moisture, shine and manageability. Smooth Senses also protects against surface damage from regular heat styling.

CSVP: I love the light fruity scent, and find this combo fantastic for moisturising my fine hair without weighing it down.




DAVROE: Looks after fine locks, hair looks fuller, feels thicker and stays voluminous. Natural moisturisers penetrate the hair shaft and add weightless volume for amplified body and shine.

CSVP: I noticed a huge difference in volume and fullness and although I was worried that I would be sacrificing moisturising qualities for the volume this was not the case. My hair felt just as healthy as when I used Smooth.




DAVROE: Instantly refreshes, cleans & volumises hair without leaving a powdery residue.

CSVP: OH EM GEE!! Game Changer!! I’ll let you into a weird secret of mine. I’m allergic to chalk and washing powder. I touch it and literally my skin peels off. And when I use dry shampoo I get a really itchy head, it hasn’t stopped me from using it because #MumLyfe but it’s super annoying, I don’t know if it’s related or not?! But I assume it is. PEOPLE, MY HEAD WAS NOT ITCHY! Not itchy at all! PLUS as a brunette I didn’t get ANY greyish tint from the powder, there was NO residue! Only great volume. I am OBSESSED!




DAVROE: lightweight leave in conditioning mist, instantly de-tangles hair

CSVP: Who knew detanglers were for adults, and who knew how amazing they are! Not only is this fantastic at detangling my fine hair after washing, it’s hydrating as well so I don’t need to pop my cream leave-in moisturiser in if I’m styling for going out (the less I weigh my hair down the longer I can fake volume). Will be purchasing from now on!




DAVROE: A unique instant treatment, conditions and moisturises while being Weightless and non-greasy.

CSVP: I’ve been using this after styling to smooth and add shine. It’s fantastic and definitely a nourishing treatment that gives hair a beautiful boost.




DAVROE: A Leave-in Treatment which; Prevents split ends, Reduces fly-aways, Leaves hair feeling soft and silky and Promotes shine

CSVP: I use this leave in treatment after every wash. It is great for fine hair as it doesn’t weigh it down, and I really noticed an increase in my hair health when I started using it (5 years ago!). I was gifted an Ends Repair but have also been using it for 5 years.




DAVROE: Great for all skin types, Infused with Illawarra Flame Leaf, a rich anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, Contains anti-ageing properties, Cleanses, revitalises and soothes the skin, 100% soap free and formulated to maintain the skin’s natural moisture level

CSVP: I love that this is so gentle that I can use it on the boys. Soap free and non-drying, I have been using it on both (8 months & 5 years) and myself of course!




DAVROE: A lightweight, anti-humidifying finishing shine mist

CSVP: This is amazing! Perfect for all hair types, but it really gave a beautiful finishing shine after styling without weighing down my hair. I did feel as though my hair stayed smoother when I was using it, clearly the anti-humidifying properties work!




DAVROE: Unlike any other salt spray, this lightweight spray gently infuses hair with a beach feel. It brings out natural body and enhances curl for an effortless windswept texture.

CSVP: I was SO excited to try the Sea Salt Spray as I have naturally wavy hair, and would like an option to not heat-styling my hair every time I wash. I have used sea salt sprays in the past that have left my hair crunchy, and/or smelling strongly of coconut (whyyyyyyy). I’m so happy to tell you… no crunch! And no strong odours lol. This is a fantastic option for some bounce and shape without heat styling.



DAVROE: Maximum control styling crème

CSVP: Firstly, how sweet are Davroe for sending the Defining Paste specifically for Bebe! So how could I not include pictures of him modelling the product. It has fantastic hold (Bebe has thick, straight hair (nothing like me lol) plus a cowlick and double crown (lucky boy eek). And the hold was fantastic! Even when he messed his hair up with a hat, it as easy just to restyle again. Low in scent which is fantastic as strong smells makes Bebe sneeze, we’re converted!




DAVROE: protection spray for heat styling

CSVP: Big call but I think my favourite product. I have ALWAYS struggled with keeping shape in my hair, being so fine it drops so easily (ironic right, it’s definitely not too heavy lol) but since using Thermaprotect my hair holds curls properly, and stays straighter for longer. Added bonus of protecting my hair from heat damage too!


Curl Crème Definer


DAVROE: Eliminates frizz and tames unruly hair

CSVP: As I mentioned in my stories, I don’t have curly hair (wavy… or as I call it ‘Medusa’ hair) so I didn’t notice a huge difference with MY hair on this one… but I can definitely see how it would be amazing for someone with curly hair. Nourishing, silky and defining.




DAVROE: Use as root spray for optimum volume

CSVP: My holy grail for volume. I use it in my roots and it REALLY adds volume. Lightweight, doesn’t leave build up and provides long lasting volume. I’ve been using this for years and won’t ever stop!




DAVROE: Unique versatile styling lotion which contains conditioning agents leaving the hair in optimum condition

CSVP: I found this product a touch too heavy for my fine hair BUT if you normal to thick hair, especially curly, you will love this product! So conditioning and a great amount of hold.


Now I promised you a give away!! Head to Instagram today and keep an eye out for the picture below… follow the steps to enter (I’m a stickler for rules, but I promise it’s super easy to enter!) and that’s it! You’re in the draw to win one of the special gift packs including the below limited edition indulge treatment pack WHICH IS NOT EVEN AVAILABLE TO BUY! Yup! That’s how exclusive you guys are!

Love Rachael x

CSVP 9 May 18 (333 of 337)

























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