Hi Lovelies,

As you know, I am a denim jacket enthusiast… I don’t believe one is enough and in fact have 6 in my cupboard, and feel far from done!

I get a lot of questions regarding denim jackets, which ones I recommend and what styles are best. So I thought I’d link a few jackets that I love and give you some general tips and tricks when it comes to choosing a denim jacket (or four) for yourself.

Firstly, stretch is key. A nice stretch in your denim forgives any curves, is more comfortable to wear, layers more nicely and doesn’t lose shape. Denim with no stretch ends up looking and feeling boxy, which is fine but doesn’t lend itself to versatile styling.

Secondly, crop it like it’s hot. A cropped cut (sitting at the natural waistline, or just above the hip) is flattering for most body shapes. It accentuates shape on the curvy, creates shape on the straight and doesn’t swamp the petite. Magic.

Wearing the jacket open also creates a vertical line that draws the eye and creates the illusion of length – great for camouflaging a larger bust, shorter torso, petite height and taking focus off larger hips/booty.


TIP: If you find it hard to get the right crop length, try the Petite section. Petite ranges are made for 5″4 and under, which means if you are taller the jackets will sit higher.

TIP: If shopping online, read the fabric composition. Elastane gives the stretch, so if a jacket is 100% cotton more than likely it has no stretch.

Target Denim Jacket
Katies Denim Jacket
Katies Black Denim
Katies White Denim
Target Danni Minogue Petites
Decjuba Biker Style
Cotton On Leopard Print
Birds Nest Collarless
Love, Rachael xo

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7 replies on “How To Guide: Denim Jackets

  1. I love denim jackets I only have 2 I could buy more but trying to resist… I have one dark one light…
    I picked up my light one from Rockmans for 20 bucks on sale!! Bargain I know right.

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    1. What a great bargain! I have dark for dressy, medium & light for casual, a boyfriend style, a western style, one with sweater style arms & hoody… and have just added a black and a white from Katies that we’re on sale for $35 each! I’m sure there’s still more that I need though 😂


      1. I’m always open to see what’s out there Rachael Do you have a pic of the Katie’s one you could show me xo


  2. Thanks so much for a great blog with advice on buying denim jackets. I went on the Katie’s website and bought the white and light denim jackets at 40%.

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