Hello Lovelies!

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know I love a good knot, tie and tuck… I even started a hashtag #KnotTieTuck on Instagram that you can follow for inspiration!

For so long I stayed away from anything that may show even the slightest hint of my #MumTum… But you know what? The majority of women DO NOT HAVE A FLAT TUMMY. We don’t! Our bodies are made softer, we naturally retain weight in that area… PLUS if you’re a Mama YOU GREW HUMANS IN YOUR TUMMY.

Honestly, I’m not so secure and blasé that I will wear a skin tight white bodycon dress flaunting my VBL (Visible Belly Line) BUT I will wear shorter tops, I will knot a top, tuck a knit and tie a shirt. WHY? Because WHY NOT. No one will fall down dead if your slightly rounded (or quite rounded) tummy isn’t covered in a billowy, long top. And guess what, more often that not it’s MORE flattering to show a little #MumTum and create some shape.


Absolutely nothing wrong with this. Cute button top, flowing over some high waisted jeans. Cute right? Well underneath I’m an hourglass, and you can’t see my waist. So while this is good… let’s go for great!




Admittedly I usually save the knot for over a dress or with a skirt, but because I’m a touch OCD and like everything matchy matchy, this pic is with jeans. It looks cute though, and you can see my waist (LITERALLY ha ha oops). And yeah, some #MumTum but who cares, right?




My favourite to do with a button up top or chambray shirt, especially open over a cute camisole with shorts or jeans. The tie is your best friend.




I’m a huge fan of the half tuck with a tee into the front of jeans, this is a full front tuck (leaving the back out), but you can play and see what suits you. A full tuck, part tuck, side tuck, front tuck… try them all!



I hope you’re inspired today to say f*ck it! I have a #MumTum and WHO CARES! Join the #KnotTieTuck fun, and don’t forget to use the hashtag to share the inspo and tag me so I can celebrate you! Let’s just have fun with fashion and forget to be ashamed of our beautiful bodies that made our beautiful babies x


Rachael xo


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6 replies on “Knot Tie Tuck | #KnotTieTuck

  1. I do the tuck at front and leave the back out I’m not sure about the knock tuck I haven’t got the courage for that but come summer I might just try xo

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