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April’s Babe Behind The Brand is the gorgeous Case from Chasing Case.  I have worked with Case a number of times, both for my blog and as the model for her website (see here) and she is such a gorgeous person inside and out. I absolutely LOVED chatting with Case about her label and herself, and I know you’ll love it too, so grab a cuppa and let’s get to know Case xx



CSVP: What was the inspiration for starting Chasing Case?

CC: My Nanna. I was very close to my Nanna when I was growing up and spent lots of time with her. She taught me to sew and inspired my love of fashion. My Nanna was a very strong willed and independent woman and the time spent with her as a little girl, and later as a woman finding her way in the world, left me with the belief that I could be and do anything I wanted. My Nanna passed away during the 12 months that I was on maternity leave and it was the inspiration I needed to act on a lifelong dream. To start my own business in the world of fashion. Chasing Case is about the years I spent chasing this dream and bringing it to fruition in honor of my Nanna.


CSVP: Who IS Case?

CC: I’m a daughter, sister, wife, mother, auntie, friend and all round family girl. My birth name is Casey, however my loved ones call me Case. I’m passionate about achieving my dreams, helping and supporting my loved ones and I love to be busy. I have a tendency to write to do lists that are WAY too long to be achieved in the time I have to get things done. Becoming a mum has taught me to slow down and enjoy the simple moments in life but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a struggle for me to be in the moment more often.


CSVP: What sets Chasing Case apart from other brands?

CC: Every brand has its unique personality and way of doing things. I believe the brands that do it well are the ones that are sprinkled with the personality and passion of their biz-people. My hope is that Chasing Case is seen as being a reflection of who I am, my purpose and passion. For me, there is honestly no better feeling than when I open an email or message from a customer who has taken the time out of their busy day to let me know how happy they are with their experience of our brand and their new purchases. It honestly makes my heart sing and puts a skip in my step. In my view there is no brand without loyal customers, so I hope that having a fabulous experience is what customers remember about our brand.


CSVP: What does your typical day look like?

CC: My day starts when I hear my little girl calling “mumma” from her cot in the room next door. When I gave up my corporate life, I made a decision that I wouldn’t wake up to the sound of an alarm anymore. Within 10 minutes of waking up, I’m snuggled on the lounge with my little one and drinking a cup of tea. We start every day this way. On weekdays we usually head out for a morning activity and then home for a nap. I literally run my business during nap time – answering emails, packing orders, buying new products, photography, writing product descriptions, marketing. It’s amazing what can be achieved in a few short hours each day. When the little one wakes up we take orders to the post office and then we go to the park. On Thursdays and Fridays my little girl spends the day with my parents and they’re my big work days and when I work on my business (instead of in it). I’m working really hard to build more “me” time into my days and it’s a constant reminder to build time in for doing something that recharges my batteries. Even if it’s a walk on the beach or stopping at a café for a sneaky chai.


CSVP: If you could only wear ONE beauty item every day, what would it be?

CC: Can I choose two??? Mineral foundation and dry shampoo! I don’t leave home without them.


CSVP: What is your coffee/cafe order?

CC: A chai latte. I lived in Melbourne for 3.5 years and tried really really hard to become a coffee drinker but I just can’t find a love for the taste.


CSVP: What is your Must have piece from Chasing Case?

CC: This past Summer I have lived in our Distressed Vintage Denim Shorts. I spent 8 weeks in a leg brace after I dislocated my knee cap at Christmas and could only wear shorts. I’d never owned a pair of denim cut offs before this but they were the only thing I could comfortably wear with the brace. They’ve been through the wash a million times and they still look brand new.


CSVP: What do you do for self-care/relax?

CC: The ocean is where I find peace and relaxation. There’s something about having my feet in the sand that refreshes my soul, clears my mind and rebalances me. We are lucky enough to live with the beach at the end of our street. I’m actually sitting at the beach right now writing this blog for Racheal. It’s not always possible to get to the beach so a tea during the day gives me a sense of calm and a cheeky wine in the afternoon always helps me to wind down.


CSVP: What is the best thing that has come out of running Chasing Case?

CC: Freedom. I feel free in that I can run my days the way I want to and in a way that enables me to be a mum first and foremost. While there’s lots of ‘oh shit… what the hell am I doing’ moments, there’s also a huge sense of pride that I’m building something really special.


CSVP: Favourite colour?

CC: Blue. I wear LOTS of navy and our home is filtered with shades of blue. It’s calming and connects me with the feeling I get when I’m around water.


CSVP: Cocktail, champagne or wine?

CC: Wine. I love a Riesling when it’s hot and there’s nothing better than enjoying a Pinot Noir when the weather cools down.


I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know Case, the Babe Behind the Brand: Chasing Case. I know I have! Next time you’re online looking for some cute pieces go check her out! (See below for a slideshow of some of the awesome Cashing Case pieces I own!) x

Rachael xo

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