Hello Lovelies,

Today I’m so excited to share with you some of the gorgeous photos from our family shoot with the beautiful Tahlia from Wylde Folk Studio.

I was very blessed to win a shoot with Tahlia back in January and booked in straight away for March to tie in with Bambino turning 6 months.


I had actually met Tahlia before, through Alex from Mamabelle Maternity, when I ‘modelled’ her new collection while pregnant a few months after starting to blog. So I knew we were in good hands! I chose to have our shoot at Tahlia’s gorgeous studio because I love the white, airy feel and also because it’s much easier with a baby than an outdoor sunset shoot (which would have looked amazing!)… although naturally Bambino chose that day to forego his sleeps…. insert eye roll.


Tahlia is of course a pro at working with kids, and managed to squeeze some smiles from our overtired Bambino and shy Bebe, and we could not be happier with the beautiful images she captured for us!


Originally I was going to go with white and tan outfits, but a call from Bebe’s school Thursday lunchtime and subsequently a less than 100% child at home for the few days prior to the Sunday shoot meant we had to go with what was in our wardrobes. Luckily everyone in our household has a good wardrobe of denim and white! Plus I *may* have already had some matching Bonds for the boys….


I’ll admit I cried when I looked through the photos, Tahlia captured our family so beautifully. I treasure family photos, they’re a snapshot in time, and where has the time gone? I look at my boys and I can’t believe how fast they’re growing up!


I want to share ALL the photos, because every single one is so precious… but I’m going to save a few for the blog of Bambino’s first 6 months. But don’t worry, it’s not far away!


We even managed a wardrobe change for some couple shots! The last time we had professional photos of just the two of us I was 8 months pregnant with Bambino… so I guess technically they weren’t just of the two of us! So that would mean our wedding 7 years ago!


Tahlia specialises in maternity, baby, family and couple photos and also offers wedding, social media, business/product and more! If you love natural, airy and relaxed photos then I highly recommend you look her up!

Love, Rachael xo



4 replies on “Family Photos | Wylde Folk Studio

  1. Aww Rachael Wow those photos are stunning. How gorgeous you all look and what a wonderful job was done to capture it all.
    Your family is gorgeous xo

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