Hello Lovelies!

You may know from following me on social media that I have been frequenting the lovely Cath at Pilates Place since early February. After two large babies (10.1lb & 9lb) and two C-sections, my core strength is basically in the negatives.


After babies, women (myself included) are mostly focused on losing the extra baby weight, and correcting the changes growing a human inside of us created. I say this loosely and generally, knowing that realistically in the first few months (sometimes less, sometimes more) our focus is in fact on the new life we have created. Eventually though, we do want to strive towards our “pre-baby body”.

Sometimes that’s never going to happen, sometimes our bodies have changed (for better or worse) for good. Sometimes Mamas work hard and actually end up with a fitter body than pre-baby, sometimes Mamas work hard and still carry an extra few kilos. Every one is different. But MOST times, Mamas forget that the MOST work actually needs to go into the INSIDE not the outside. I myself am abysmally guilty of this after my first son and C-section. 5 years (and two pregnancies) later and I’ve only just started to correct the internal damage, there is NO core strength after a C-section. No core strength means weaker back, poor posture, lower back pain, weakness in arms and legs when lifting something heavy (umm like a child) and more. Improving your core strength will decrease the chance of injury (how many women have hurt their back after having children) and it protects your spine to prevent back pain.


Cath says  “I’ve turned my love of Pilates into a mission to share my passion with others. I wanted to create a place where people can come and not feel intimidated. I want my clients to be able to have fun, make friends and get a good workout. Being that I limit the sessions to six people we can offer a very personalised experience. This is something my clients love as they were usually seeking an alternative to the traditional gym environment. The bottom line for me is making sure my clients feel confident and part of the family, because that is what we are! Pilates is a great workout because it is always different and challenging. We tailor the exercises to the individual’s fitness level. Whatever your goals are Pilates can deliver. From toning, to improving core strength, increasing energy, ramping up stability or getting your pre-baby body back, Pilates will help.”

What I love most about Pilates Place is that Cath and the instructors are very hands on and the classes are very small (6) so each class is basically tailored to your needs. I spoke to Cath about having two C-sections and poor core strength so she was very quick during the classes to help me alter the moves to cater for this. Every class that I went to had a great range of student experience, so I never felt self conscious or that I was lost in the class. There’s even a Mums & Bubs class that I took Bambino along to.


Pilates will be something I incorporate into my lifestyle now, I feel stronger and have a lot less back pain (considering Bambino is already 10kgs I needs all the core strength I can get!) and its great for my mindset too. Having a time each week to look after myself is also good for my mental health.

Cath has generously given CSVP readers their first class FREE so you too can try out Pilates and have some Mama Time! Use code CHAMPAGNE at booking to redeem your free class! I hope to see you there soon!

Rachael xo


Pilates Place gifted classes for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy all views and words are my own.



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