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I’m so excited to be reviewing the Little Birdie Books February Box for you today, but before I get into it I want to tell you a little bit about Little Birdie Books and the awesome Mamas behind the scenes!

I don’t know about you, but when it comes around to Christmas/Birthdays for my now five year old, I’m always trying to come up with non-toy related ideas… he has more than he could want for and is very spoilt by family members. I have often tried looking into subscription services for kids, but haven’t really found anything interesting from an Australian company. Until now.

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Janice & Tania are qualified speech language pathologists from the University of Queensland, who are trained in understanding the research behind ‘reading aloud’ and the significant impact it can have on a child’s oral language and literacy skills. They understand that picture books are not just fun but extremely purposeful. To learn more about these amazing, multi-tasking Mamas – keep reading after the review for some Q&As! 

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We invited Bebe’s friend Mia over to unbox the February LBBB, and boy did they have an amazing time! Lots of “oohs” and “ahhs” as they pulled out the books and activities – we were off to a good start!

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Long story short (or short story short) from the kids’ perspective – they absolutely loved the box and had a ball doing the activities. From MY perspective – WOW! I was blown away by the details and the quality of the contents of the box, and how MUCH was in the box.

Each Book Box includes:

  • 1 x beautifully designed gift box
  • 2 x quality, unique picture books
  • 2 x QR code stickers for exclusive read alouds
  • 6 x fun, educational activity cards
  • 2 x hands-on themed games to play

Which sounds like a lot – but it actually is A LOT! Definitely more than enough to keep your little one entertained throughout the month! The activity cards are: PrintPLAY, WordPLAY, BoxPLAY, SoundPLAY, StoryPLAY and RichREADING. The activity cards correspond with the books included, creating a familiar and fun environment for your little one to learn (without evening knowing it!).

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By far the favourite activity for our two was the PRINTPlay Activity: Ice Cream Food Truck. Where they took each other’s orders on a wipe-able order form, and had so much fun creating the order on the balloons provided.

CSVP 11 Feb (55 of 74) (Small)CSVP 11 Feb (59 of 74) (Small)

It’s amazing how much learning there was with very little guidance, all through the very well put together activities. I can definitely see the value in these boxes, not just for learning but with the older children (3-5+) a little peace and quiet for Mama with some of the autonomous play activities! If you head over to the website, there’s even a blog section with great information for you as well!


Now let me introduce the LOVELY ladies behind Little Birdie Book Boxes, Janice and Tania!

DSC_0133-01-02 (Small).jpeg

CSVP: Who is Janice?
LBBB: As a wife and mum of two boys 19 months apart and a fur baby, Janice is outnumbered by boys but loves it that way! Outside of speech pathology, she loves food, music and fashion. She cannot go past any brekkie menu item that has haloumi in it. There is always music playing at home in their house but a good throwback to some 90s R&B and boy bands (hello Usher & Backstreet Boys) is always welcome. A love of fashion is how Janice connected with Rachael & Champagne S’il Vous Plait in the first place!
CSVP: Who is Tania?

LBBB: Currently looking very round expecting her second baby, Tania loves dress up parties, fridge picking, outdoor adventures, dancing in the kitchen with her husband and two year old daughter and smiley people.   Although she was born and bred in Brisbane, she has spent a large chunk of her “pre-kid” days travelling and living overseas with her most recent trip including living and snowboarding in a mountain town in Canada and volunteering to teach English at a Bilingual School on an island in Nicaragua.

CSVP: How do you juggle motherhood with a small business? 
LBBB: With difficulty is the short answer! We both have extremely supportive and hands-on husbands and immediate family who make it possible for us to work on Little Birdie Books. We are usually working after the kids have gone to bed and meet up on the weekends when someone else can help look after the kids. We’re also very honest and realistic with each other about our expectations and limitations and we know that family always comes first, the business has to work around that.
CSVP: What is your coffee order?
Janice – Flat white, always in the largest size possible!
Tania – Skinny capp with one sugar (and usually justifies the need for a  muffin in that order!)
CSVP: What was the inspiration behind Little Birdie Books?

LBBB: We discovered since becoming parents ourselves, that most parents know reading is really important but do NOT know WHICH book to read at WHICH age and the choice is either overwhelming online OR very limited in major retailers.

Books vary greatly in their quality not only in their text and illustrations but in the use of important language and literacy features..So using our speech pathology in education backgrounds, we decided to do the research for the parents and choose the ‘creme de la creme’ of children’s picture books.

We also discovered that like all areas of parenting, there was a lot for parents to learn even in just the WAY they read to their child.  So a huge part of our business is around parent education on HOW to read, talk and play with your child to create strong communication skills.  These communication skills will set them up for success in life. Out product and our blog all work together to support parents in navigating this area of parenting.


CSVP: How is Little Birdie Books different to other book box subscriptions?

LBBB: As speech language pathologists, we have a unique understanding of early language and literacy development. We have an in-depth knowledge of linguistics and language and we know the fundamentals of learning to read and write. Every book and activity has been curated to give your kids an opportunity to grow in their language and literacy skills in a really fun play-based way (They won’t even know they are ‘learning’ something new!).


CSVP: I’ve got a lot of books for my kids already, would I still benefit from Little Birdie Books?

LBBB: Our houses are filled with toys and books so families are not looking for MORE of the same.  The LBB boxes have been thoughtfully put together to provide QUALITY family favourite additions to your library and perfect ‘rainy day’ activities to prepare your child for Kindergarten or formal schooling.  The perfect gift for a family or friend’s kid who has everything OR spoil your own child, GUILT FREE, as this gift is also a learning tool.  There is something wonderfully nostalgic about reading a physical picture book with your child or receiving a package in the post. We hope these things will never become redundant despite the modern, technological world we live in.

CSVP: How is using technology with kids embraced in Little Birdie Books book boxes? 

LBBB: Our boxes all come with QR codes that allow easy access to read alouds of the box’s picture books. This can be used if you need a few minutes of peace, or if you need something to occupy your kids while they’re waiting for you (at the doctor’s or at a restaurant!). It gives them an opportunity to engage with the book in another way and maybe they’ll learn something new or perhaps open up a discussion for you to have with them about the things we say or ask in our read alouds.  Using Facebook (www.facebook.com/littlebirdiebooks) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/littlebirdiebooks) allows us to connect with parents all over Australia – we love sharing our knowledge and tips and we love seeing parents and kids having an awesome time with the activities when it is shared on social media.


CSVP: Why are Little Birdie Books book boxes perfect for your own kids, or as a gift to others?

LBB: Our houses are filled with toys and books so families are not looking for MORE of the same.  The LBB boxes have been thoughtfully put together to provide QUALITY family favourite additions to your library and perfect ‘rainy day’ activities to prepare your child for Kindergarten or formal schooling.  The perfect gift for a family or friend’s kid who has everything OR spoil your own child, GUILT FREE, as this gift is also a learning tool.

How perfect does that sound! And if you sign up for the monthly subscription you will receive an EXTRA third book for FREE simply by following Little Birdie Books on Instagram and DM-ing the girls with the code “CSP” and your full name. How awesome is that!

I hope you’ve loved learning about Little Birdie Books, Tania and Janice as much as I have and are excited by the book subscription as I am! If you do sign up (you can either subscribe or buy a one off box) don’t forget to #littlebirdiereader in your pics, and let me know what you think too!

Rachael xo

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PLEASE NOTE: Receiving gifted items for editorial consideration does not influence my opinion in any way. All views and words are my own.

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