Hello Lovelies!
Here is this week’s Wish List… with only a week until Valentine’s Day and Champagne & Lingerie (to check out all the details click here and to RSVP to come along click here!) it’s time to get our Intimo Wish Lists in order so we can nab our Feel Good Fit in all the HOT pieces that are available! Pink, Red, Black… the ‘clichés’ of Valentine’s Day (hey if it’s your thing though, I’m not judging!) lingerie but I’m also a fan of the autumnal tones of terracotta, purple and grey! There’s something for everyone (even skin tone, white, black, active-wear, sleepwear, clothing and more) so let me know what is on your list! 

PS. If you can’t make it to Champagne & Lingerie that’s fine! Contact Carys directly (details below) to pop your order in, just let her know you’re from me so you can get your sneaky discount! xx


(From Top LHS to Bottom RHS)

Intimo Savannah Contour Bra $99.50

Intimo Savannah Boyleg Brief $42.50

Intimo Harlow Contour Bra $109.50

Intimo Harlow Full Brief $52.50

Intimo Umbrella Miracle Contour Bra $117.50

Intimo Umbrella Full Brief $59.50

Intimo Fleur Noir Miracle Contour Bra $115.00

Intimo Fleur Noir Full Brief $65.00

Intimo Lovers Miracle Bra $125.00

Intimo Lovers Boyleg Brief $55.00

Intimo Angelique Miracle Contour Bra $115.00

Intimo Angelique Brief $55.00

What do you think of these finds? Are any now on your Wish List? Did any of last week’s round up take your fancy and end up add to cart? Let me know in the comments (and add a pic if you purchased it too)!
Rachael xo


Ph: 0416 776 075

Email: carys.martin@intimo.com.au

Instagram: @carys.martin

Facebook: Bra Boutique With Carys

PLEASE NOTE: All items/services in this blog tickle my fancy and I have not received compensation for the blog

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