Hi Lovelies!

Are you struggling to find shorts that fit and flatter, and aren’t the length of a pair of knickerbockers! Well I’ve done the research for you, and I’ve found shorts that aren’t too short, have stretch or relaxed fit, some have elastic waistbands, and from cheap and cheerful to a bit more luxe.

Rachael 6 January (100 of 171) (Small)


1. KMART Walk Shorts Sz 8-18 $9.00 (5 Colours)

2. KMART Denim Midi Shorts Sz 8-18 $15.00 (2 Colours)

3. KMART Relaxed Tie Waist Shorts Sz 8-18 $12.00 (3 Colours)

4. KMART Linen Shorts Sz 8-18 $12.00 (7 Colours)



1. Target Distressed Boyfriend Shorts Sz 8-18 $29.00 (1 Colour)

2. Target Denim Boyfriend Shorts Sz 6-18 $29.00 (2 Colours)

3. Target Linen Shorts Sz 4-20 $25.00 (5 Colours)

4. Target Tencel Shorts Sz 6-18 $29.00 (1 Colour)



Jeanswest Adella Bermuda Short Sz 6-20 $59.99 (1 Colour)

Jeanswest Nadia Luxe Lounge Short Sz 6-16 $59.99 (4 Colours)

Jeanswest Penny Luxe Lounge Short Sz 6-16 $59.99 (2 Colours)

Jeanswest Lea Clean Boyfriend Short Sz 6-16 $49.99 (1 Colour)



Decjuba Positano Drawstring Short Sz 6-16 $69.95 (5 Colours)

Decjuba Leah Distressed Cuffed Short Sz 6-14 $79.95 (1 Colour)

Country Road Petal Shorts Sz 4-16 $119.00 (4 Colours)

Witchery Belted Tuck Shorts Sz 4-16 $79.95 (4 Colours)


I hope you’ve now found a pair of shorts that you will love and feel comfortable in! Let me know!

Rachael xo

Rachael 6 January (149 of 171) (Small)


PLEASE NOTE: All items/services in this blog tickle my fancy and I have not received compensation for the blog

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