Hi Lovelies,

A few weeks ago I did a poll on Instagram Stories with the below quote/meme… and I was blown away by the result. I asked if this was actually true for fellow Mamas, and 100% said yes! That. Is. Crazy!


You may remember my blog post Don’t Get Your Knickers In A Twist | A Post-Partum Underwear Guide from back in October. In the medium support range I included the Intimo Everyday Light Control Full Brief. Since then, I have slowly been replacing my underwear drawer with these babies! Why? Because they are the holy grail of underwear for Mamas. Initially I was reluctant to spend $59.50 on a pair of briefs. Until I washing every second day so I could wear them again… and then I realised the cost per wear was going to be crazy low and I felt so much better in my clothes when I wore them.

What is so amazing about these briefs? They are basically botox for Mummy Tummy. They tighten and smooth… without any discomfort or weird bulging like you get with most shapewear. I tell everyone and anyone about my amazing briefs and have even bought a pair for a friend just so she can see how life changing they are.

Rachael 29 December (126 of 243) (Small).jpg
EVERY Photo you see on the blog I am wearing the Intimo Everyday Light Control Full Brief so I can feel confident and fabulous!

But back to how ALL you lovelies are putting yourself last on the list in YET ANOTHER WAY (your underwear drawer). I decided I simply couldn’t bear for you to not feel as amazing as I do and I contacted my lovely friend Carys who is a #BraFitSpecialist and passionate about a #FeelGoodFit. I told her about the poll and together we have come up with an AMAZING offer for you so that you can update your underwear drawer and feel fabulous all day long!

1. DISCOUNT!!!! For the month of January if you contact Carys directly to place an order (follow the link for Instagram or I will pop her details at the end of the blog) and quote code CSVP15 you will receive 15% off ALL briefs! Yes ALL BRIEFS!!

2. FREE FITTING!!!! Carys and I are going to host a morning in February (please contact me if you are interested) where you can come and be fitted professionally AND have a glass of bubbly!

3. FREE LINGERIE!!!! If you take advantage of the January brief discount AND come to the February fitting you will receive a piece of lingerie for FREE!

[NB: Discount is available through Carys exclusively and isn’t eligible if receiving host rewards]


I also want to say this is NOT a sponsored post and I am the one who contacted Carys, I genuinely feel amazing in these briefs and want the same for you Mamas! I am committed to making your #MumUniform fun and fashionable, and it all starts with great underwear. Now is the time to update yours (and don’t forget to comment or message me if you’re in Brisbane (or surrounds) and want to come to our fitting in February!!

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Love, Rachael xo


Ph: 0416 776 075

Email: carys.martin@intimo.com.au

Instagram: @carys.martin

Facebook: Bra Boutique With Carys

Carys is out of the office until Friday but please feel free to email, message or leave a voicemail in the interim and she will get back to you Friday x

PLEASE NOTE: All items/services in this blog tickle my fancy and I have not received compensation for the blog

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