Hi Lovelies,

I hope you enjoyed the last Mama Time blog and have tried at least one or two (if not all!) of the ideas in it for taking time to recharge your batteries. If you missed it, you’ll find it here. This month I’ve got a few great ideas for getting out of the house by yourself, recharging your batteries with alone time doesn’t have to mean only during nap time. Take advantage of when hubby is home, or see if a friend or relative can come over for an hour or so to watch the kids for you.

Below are some free or inexpensive rejuvenation activities for you to do to have some self care, I challenge you to try each one this week and report back!

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1. Walk It Off

Go for a walk to a park NOT FOR EXERCISE and find a nice, quiet spot to sit down and meditate. Meditation is different for everyone, and can be as simple as a tool to quiet your mind (be gone to-do lists). I have quite a big problem turning my mind off and have found amazing success with the Headspace app as it is guided and you can choose the course you want to do (I do mine before bed and it helps me fall asleep and have a better sleep).

2. To Caffeinate or Not To Caffeinate

Well obviously the answer is always TO caffeinate 😉 But do it alone, in a cafĂ©, take a book or magazine to begin with if you’re self conscious. But eventually aim to just sit and enjoy a good cup of coffee, chai, tea etc by yourself IN SILENCE and just people watch or let your mind wander… bliss! Even better if you find a little cafĂ© just for you, don’t take friends there or your partner, leave it as your special quiet place.


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3. Take A Ride On The Wild Side

Hop in your car, pop on your favourite music and take the scenic route. Grab a drive through coffee (or make one in your coffee machine and travel mug) and just driiiiiive. Who care where to, explore your suburb or head to the nearest forest/beach/water. Just enjoy not having a destination, or back seat drivers!

4. Cinematic Delight

Take yourself on a date to a day time movie. The first time I went to see a film alone I was SO self conscious, but the three other people in the entire cinema weren’t judging me and I got to enjoy the film of my choice without sharing my popcorn… umm heaven is that you?

5. Take A Class

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? Pottery, a certain cuisine style cooking, pilates? Don’t put it off, sign up now! An hour a week to nurture a passion of yours will do wonders. And it doesn’t even have to cost a thing! Brisbane City Council runs Active Parks events if you’re looking to try out something new in the fitness arena.

What do you do for YOU? Do you take time out regularly for yourself? Will you be trying any of these ideas this week?
Rachael xo

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