Hi Lovelies!

Motherhood brings with it a lot of things you’ve never considered before, such as optimal underwear post birth. Sounds sexy right?

I have only had caesarean sections (C-sections) so this post will be from that point of view, although I’m sure the needs after a natural birth are similar (correct me if I’m wrong) so this may be helpful to all new Mama’s out there, not just post C-section.



Immediately post surgery the last thing that you will want is anything tight around your incision, however after about a week or two you the swelling and tenderness will have decreased and the extra core support will be really welcomed (plus correct support will assist in the healing of the muscle separation that can occur during pregnancy).

3. Target Firm Support High Waist Full Briefs : I personally use these myself, and you may recall that I actually wore these (2 sizes bigger) during pregnancy for extra bump support. At only $20.00 they’re a great option for having a number of sizes (you want them to stay firm as your belly decreases and *crossing fingers* the weight drops off.

6. Intimo ALLURE MIDRIFF BRIEF : Engineered with firm microfiber to redefine the waistline, the Allure Midriff Brief marries function with form to provide smooth lines and a sleek silhouette. Complete with Intimo’s signature flat lace around the leg opening, this elegant style conceals unwanted curves without compromising on comfort. I personally haven’t purchased these however at $85.00 you will want to wait until you’re close to a weight you think you’ll remain for a while. Intimo quality is incredibly high and they have amazing customer service so you won’t need to worry about them doing their job!



7. INTIMO EVERYDAY LIGHT CONTROL FULL BRIEF : A great investment and lovely amount of everyday control, enough to help smooth and support without being overly tight. Fantastic for the early days, or after recovery when you need a little extra sucking in to fit into pre-baby clothes nicely.



1. BONDS Cottontails Full Brief : Full coverage, breathable cotton and completely comfortable. These are fantastic for night wear (you’re not supposed to wear supportive underwear while sleeping) and I’ve loved mine!

2. TARGET 2 Pack No Show™ Laser Cut Full Briefs : Lightweight, full coverage and comfortable, these are a cheap and (not so cheerful, very mundane actually but they do the job!) option for when you don’t need the support but still want the coverage.

BUT WHO SAYS ‘MUM UNDIES’ CAN’T BE CUTE! Full coverage AND sexy… #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney! The below two piece are on my wish list once I’m back to pre-baby weight because I still like nice things, even if no one but me can see them 😉

5. INTIMO EVIE HIGH BRIEF :  Lovingly crafted to combine all over lace with comfortable stretch Microfiber, the Evie High Brief offers light smoothing and a secure fit for all figures. A wide, smooth waistband ensures easy all-day wear, while unlined lace panels balance modest design with a touch of sheer femininity.

8. INTIMO OPULENCE BRIEF : Delivering full coverage, style and comfort, the Opulence Brief features a beautiful lace panel to gently smooth and shape the stomach. French lattice design decorates this high rise style to add a touch of elegance to your everyday repertoire.


What do you think of these finds? Have you used, or do you plan to, any of these post baby? Or what brands do you love?

Love, Rachael xo





PLEASE NOTE: All items/services in this blog tickle my fancy and I have not received compensation for the blog

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