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Today I’m sharing with you my tricks and tips to achieving long lasting volume AND curls with fine hair. Yes! It IS possible!

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In a cruel twist of fate, I actually had REALLY THICK hair when I was young. Thick, wavy, healthy, glossy hair. Then when I was pregnant with Bebe my hair (and skin) went south due to hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness) and of course the post-partum hairloss, and since then it’s never been the same. I still have a lot of hair, but it’s fine and breaks easily so bye bye long luscious hair!

Suddenly I had to think about things such as ‘how do I keep my hair from being so flat’ and ‘how can I keep a curl in my hair for longer than 2 minutes?!?’. Enter a loooooooooooong list of hair products tried and tested and generally failing to live up their hype. I’ve also been loyal to hairdressers (except for that stint of box dying my hair…. never again!) but never found one that I was actually REALLY happy with until I started to see Dianne from Di’s Hair Boutique about five years ago. Dianne is a font of knowledge, having spent time as a salon educator and is passionate about staying on top of new trends and techniques. She’s also equally great at cut AND colour which is rare in a hairdresser!

What I love about Di (at the time it can be annoying because I don’t like being told no, but in the long run I’m always grateful for her honesty!) is that she tells it like it is. If you show her a photo of what you’ve been envisioning for your hair and it’s not going to look anything like that on you due to different hair types or how (un)willing you are to frequently have maintenance appointments (I’m look at you trendy grey hair) she will tell you. Dianne has taken me from balayage to bright copper to close to my natural colour to babylites and everything in between, and my hair has never come close to falling out! She’s very relieved of course that I’ve settled on a more natural colour with low maintenance and have had it for almost 2 years now, Dianne loves nothing more than extremely healthy hair!

Through Dianne I started using Davroe products and have not looked back since! My hair LOVES the range and I can honestly say has never been healthier (since pre-baby!). Their philosophy is based on ‘hair wellness’ and they don’t include any sulphates, parabens or petrochemicals in any of their products. I’ve given you a full run down of each product that I use below, but first I’ll tell you my technique!

  1. Shampoo (twice – double cleansing is as important for your hair as it is your face) then condition with Davroe Smooth Senses Shampoo & Conditioner.
  2. Towel dry hair then spritz roots with Davroe Voluminous Spray and massage Davroe Ends Repair through the ends. Comb hair with a wide tooth comb to detangle (fine hair tangles so easily!).
  3. Blow dry (I use Parlux 3500 Supercompact Ceramic and Ionic Pearl and an anti-static paddle brush).
  4. Section hair and leave 1/3 hanging down and clip the rest in a top knot. Spritz the hair that is down with Davroe Thermaprotect and comb with wide tooth comb. If I want really relaxed waves I’ll section hair into 3 (side, back and side) if I want curlier hair then I section into 4.
  5. Using a conical curler (I use Babyliss Pro Ceramic Conical Curler 32- 19mm) wrap each section around the wand (point the tip downwards and wrap the curl towards the back of your head) leave for a few second then gently uncurl from wand. Repeat with the other sections of hair.
  6. Using the wide tooth comb, comb through the curls to break them up and relax them. Repeat until you have the desired waves. Rub through a little Davroe Argan Oil for some shine.
  7. Lift the top section of hair and sprinkle a little Schwarzkopf Extra Care Instant Volume Powder into the roots. Using fingertips massage into hair to give texture and volume. If at any time during the day/night you feel like your volume is decreasing, just give your hair a bit of a rub again and the volume is instantly there!

I find that by using the Davroe Thermaprotect I never have to use hairspray, which is fantastic because the curls are softer and not weighed down with hairspray.

Nice loose, natural ‘bed hair’ type waves, my favourite!


Davroe Smooth Senses Shampoo & Conditioner: Anti-humectant Smooth Senses reduces frizz and helps prevent fly-aways, providing exceptional moisture, shine and manageability. Smooth Senses also protects against surface damage from regular heat styling.


Davroe Smooth Senses



Davroe Ends Repair: Helps prevents split-ends. Leave-in Treatment, Reduces fly-aways, Leaves hair feeling soft and silky, Promotes shine and Absorbs immediately.


Davroe Ends Repair




Davroe Argan Oil: Instant treatment, different from all other Argan Oils. Weightless and non-greasy, Immediately absorbs into hair, conditions and moisturises and is formulated for all hair types.


Davroe Argan Oil



Davroe Voluminous Spray: Enhance your locks. Pumps up the volume, Use as root spray for optimum volume, Alcohol free and Can be used to texturise on long locks.


Davroe Voluminous Spray



Davroe Thermaprotect: Protection spray for heat styling. Maximum heat protection for all styling tools, Great for light texture to natural hair and can be applied to wet hair.


Davroe Thermaprotect



Schwarzkopf Extra Care Instant Volume Powder: The first Extra Care styling powder for instantly visible and long-lasting volume. This unique, weightless formula texturises each hair strand to create maximum volume at the roots, in an instant and without stickiness.


Schwarzkopf Extra Care Instant Volume Powder



Batiste Medium Dry Shampoo: Instantly refreshes your hair between washes, leaving it feeling gorgeously clean and fresh with added body and texture. Perfect for rich brunettes and fiery auburns, this dry shampoo has a hint of colour to blend with your hair tone (also available in original, blonde and dark formulations).


Batiste Medium Dry Shampoo





I purchase all my Davroe products from Di’s Hair Boutique where I have my hair done, but you can visit Davroe directly to buy online or check where a stockist near you is.


I hope this has helped any fellow fine haired girls out there, let me know if you try any of the products or tips yourself!

Rachael xo


PLEASE NOTE: All items/services in this blog tickle my fancy and I have not received compensation for the blog




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