Hello Lovelies!
I have done a round up of the six things I am so glad I had through my third trimester (and will continue to use through during recovery/fourth trimester!), these are things I would recommend for any pregnant Mama no matter what stage you’re up to! I am still using ALL items from my First Trimester Must Haves  and Second Trimester Must Haves blogs as well!


Books/Resources: Whether you’re a first time Mama full of nerves, a second time Mama who wants to brush up on a few things or try something different, or even a fourth time Mama… there’s a great range of books and resources available for everything from sleeping to breastfeeding and more. I’ve personally been Reading Born to Breastfeed which was recommended to me by Mum Buns & Heels and brushing up on my Save Our Sleep routines and sleep information that we used with Bebe and found helpful.

Pillows: Now that EVERYTHING hurts and you can NEVER get comfortable, pillows are your best friend when it comes to sleeping! You probably won’t need those extra four pillows once Bub is here, so don’t spend a fortune. Stock up on these cheap Kmart pillows and send Hubby to the spare room if you need to 😉

Crop Top/Bralettes: Your boobies are probably growing exponentially, and more than likely quite uncomfortable. When you’re just at home, or sleeping, and need a bit of support but nothing restrictive then a bralette is the way to go. There’s a great range of inexpensive options available  (it’s worth investing in your maternity/nursing bras instead) such as these Kmart ones.

Heat/Wheat Pack: Did I mention that everything hurts? And you may be experiencing Braxton Hicks as well by now. A heat/wheat pack will relieve back pain, cramps and even headaches which can happen too. It will also be great during labour and after Bub arrives and you get cramps from your uterus shrinking. Oh the joys!

Slip On Shoes: Bending over is a thing of the past, so all shoes should be able to be slipped on and off easily. I’ve lived in my Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Ballet Slips this pregnancy, they go with pretty much everything and still look stylish (sports luxe anyone!). Slides and mules are also a great option, depending if you live in a mild climate or are pregnant during the warmer months.

Pedicures: Your feet ache pretty much every day thanks to fluid retention, the relaxin hormone spreading through your body and weight gain. Your poor feet are under a lot more pressure than usual and really need some extra love! Regular pedicures will not only be fantastic for relaxing and pampering yourself, but removing the dead skin will help prevent soreness and painful cracking on the heels and the massage will do wonders for aches and water retention. If you’re Brisbane based you should definitely visit the gorgeous girls at Beauty On Latrobe.


What did you love/need/have to have during your third trimester?
Rachael xo






PLEASE NOTE: All items/services in this blog tickle my fancy and I have not received compensation for the blog.



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