Hi Lovelies!

Last week I did post on non-maternity items that will see you through most if not all of your pregnancy, but this week I’m sharing the items that your really should invest in.


Short and sweet (obviously I am not talking about bras, underwear, support pieces etc) I truly believe you only need to invest in two (or more if you like variety!) maternity dresses and two (or more!) pairs of jeans. The rest of your maternity wardrobe can be fleshed out with affordable non-maternity pieces. I of course don’t have a corporate job and run my own business, so this is what I’ve found works for me and therefore probably other SAHM, WAHM and depending on your work requirements, causally dressed employment.

The two dresses that I have worn on repeat my entire pregnancy are the Grey Bailey Tee Dress from Blossom & Glow and Black Cocoon Tank Dress from Ripe Maternity. I have also bought my jeans from ASOS this pregnancy, but when I was pregnant with Bebe I invested in two pairs of Jeans West maternity jeans. I did find the Jeans West to be of a higher quality (and I literally wore them almost every day), however purchasing cheaper options this time around meant I had more variety to choose from and they weren’t worn as often so the quality wasn’t so much as issue.

Here’s some examples of the versatility of each piece, there are heaps more outfits utilising these pieces on my Instagram feed so go check it out for some inspo!


What do you think of these finds? Are there any that you found that aren’t on here? Let me know in the comments (and add a pic too)!
Rachael xo


Blossom & Glow Bailey Tee Dress $79.00

Ripe Maternity Cocoon Tank Dress $79.95

ASOS Maternity Jeans starting from $40.00

Jeans West Maternity Jeans starting from $79.99



PLEASE NOTE: All items/services in this blog tickle my fancy and I have not received compensation for the blog






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