Hi Lovelies!

Well! We made it! It’s true what they say that the third trimester seems like the longest, you’re tired, you don’t sleep well (uncomfortably large and peeing every hour) and it. just. can’t. end. soon. enough. But it’s totally worth every discomfort when you see that baby for the first time.  The first and second trimesters feel like a distant memory now!

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This trimester was plagued with pelvic pain, a giant bump and all the discomfort that comes with it, as well as never ending reflux. I did start vomiting intermittently again from about 35 weeks, but that’s not surprising considering a similar thing happened when I was pregnant with Bebe. Sometimes I feel guilty for complaining about the aches and pains of being pregnant, since we tried for so long for our rainbow baby, but then I realise you know what – I do NOT like being pregnant. It is NOT a great experience for me. It is a means to an end, pregnancy is not the goal a BABY is the goal. And I’m sure there a lot of women out there who feel the same way and feel guilty for it.


The baby is a kicking, rolling, moving fiend! Way more active than Bebe was, and especially takes offense to the Doctor’s measuring or using the ultrasound doppler and kicks like crazy! The majority of the time the kicks actually cause a lot of pain and I lose my breath or wince. Active little thing! And just when you think there’s possibly NO extra room… they do a great big roll or stretch and you just sit there doing Lamaze breathing to get through it LOL! My tummy is a tight drum, so big I get stares and comments from everyone who sees me. Just like with Bebe, people say to me “surely you’ll go early” well I went OVER with Bebe so size doesn’t mean you will receive a get out of jail free pass!

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Finally after Bebe’s birthday in August we finished the nursery, I packed my hospital bag, we put the pram together and installed the capsule… then the waiting game began. The irony of the third trimester is that you go into full on nesting mode, everything NEEDS to be done NOW or you can’t cope, but your body is physically unable to do all the things that you want done! Many days I over did it with cleaning or organising or running errands and ended up in bed with a heat-pack and Braxton Hicks (false labour pains) so much so that my husband asked me to write a list of all the things I wanted done and set about doing them ASAP to prevent me from trying. He’s such a good egg.

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The best thing I did this trimester was organise a cleaner to come do a DEEP CLEAN on our house (through Airtasker) before the baby arrived. Being so sick for so long then so tired our house had only been given the basic clean for awhile, hubby is so amazing and does the vacuuming and mopping (and even the ironing!) and he has so much on his plate with work, Bebe and general household things that I really wanted to give us a break and take an additional stress off our plate. I’m so glad that I did! Our cleaner was amazing and we decided to get her to come back fortnightly for a while so we can focus on newborn goodness and helping Bebe transition into the new family dynamic. In all honesty, I should have got a cleaner MUCH earlier!

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I think one of the most annoying things someone can say to you is “sleep now while you can before the baby comes!” – between the toilet trips, pregnancy insomnia and general discomfort there wasn’t much sleep for me! I genuinely feel as though I’ll get more sleep once Bub is here! So add that to your list of things NOT to say to a pregnant woman (also add “Wow you mustn’t have much longer to go” because YES I DO THANK YOU VERY MUCH). The trimester I’m most excited about it the fourth trimester… Bub’s first three months of life earthside. I just can’t wait to meet this little human!

Rachael xo


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