Hello Lovelies!

During my pregnancy with Bebe five years ago, there wasn’t as many fabulous maternity items available as there are now, and even less affordable options. These days there’s so many quality Australian maternity labels and boutiques such as MammaBelle, Blossom & Glow, Mumma Bear Nursing Wear and Bae. The Label. There’s also a huge range of fast fashion options via Asos, H&M, Kmart and Target to name a few.

While investing in certain maternity items such as quality jeans, dress/es and underwear/bras is essential, you don’t have to ONLY wear maternity items while pregnant. Depending on your size, shape and fit preference there are a lot of cuts and designs of non-maternity items that will see you through some or all of your pregnancy and beyond.


Chambray Shirt: I was lucky enough to nab myself all three washes of the Kmart chambray shirts (light, dark and black) for only $12.00 each! They’re no longer available but Target does a similar light wash for only $20.00 at the moment. Perfect for layering over a maternity dress or longline singlet and jeans for a little extra coverage, they’re perfect for breastfeeding access as well once Bub arrives!


Denim Jacket/Stretch Jackets: Being a predominantly Autumn/Winter pregnancy I’ve been lucky to be able to change up my basics with different jackets from pre-baby and new ones that I’ll be able to wear post baby. She Street has an excellent array of jackets available, both the blush and biker jackets are from She Street and have had a lot of wear. I definitely recommend investing in a stretch denim jacket if you don’t already own one because I have lived in mine!


Cardigans: Another great option for a little extra coverage and/or warmth are cardigans. I’ve loved the cocoon cardigan I picked up from Dotti in black and grey, and have also lived in my cardigans from She Street, if you’re pregnany through the summer months kimonos are a great option and She Street have a fab variety! They’re also perfect for some extra coverage post-bub!


Ruched Skirts: You don’t need to spend a fortune on maternity skirts, I picked up three ruched skirts from Cotton On for about $20.00 each and they’ve fit my entire pregnancy! The ruching will also be forgiving post baby!


Longline Singlets: Maternity singlets can be pricey, or come with unwanted shelf bras or nursing clips, great for once bub is here but not necessarily cute while pregnant! H&M have cheap longline singlets in a variety of colours that gives your bump much needed coverage!


Scarves: Especially in the third trimester when you’ve really reached the end of what fits, and you don’t want to invest in anything new, scarves are a great option for adding a pop of colour and difference to your outfits. Ruby & Lilli have a huge range of cute tassel scarves in fab colours that will make you feel brighter!


I hope this has helped you realise that you can look outside the Maternity box when shopping for your bump! What other non-maternity pieces did you wear while pregnant?

Rachael x0


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