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Well the hospital bag is packed and ready for when Bub decides to arrive, so I’ve decided to give you a low down on what I’ve packed. This time it is a lot LESS than with Bebe, I know now what I’ll need and what I won’t PLUS I’ve packed the essentials in my hospital bag and extras in another bag that Hubby can bring up to the hospital if needed.

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Hospital Bag

For Mum:


As well as the usual toiletries and comfy clothing, don’t forget things such as your:

  • Pregnancy/birth journal so you can write down everything while it’s happening – everything is a bit of a blur those first few days/weeks so write it down before you forget!
  • Milestone cards – if you’ve been using them through your pregnancy there’s a few at the end such as “it’s a boy/girl” and “here we go” plus the baby milestone cards have ones such as “welcome to the world” and “one day old”. Precious photo prompts
  • Cosmetics – don’t feel bad for wanting to feel good about yourself, especially in those first few photos! A BB cream, lip and cheek tint and waterproof mascara will add much needed colour to your tired face.

Kmart 5 Pack Full Briefs $10.00 High waisted to support your tummy and be comfortable, especially after a C-section.

H&M MAMA 2-pack nursing tops $29.99 With an inbuilt shelf bra, these are perfect for those first few days where you probably don’t want to wear a bra. Especially when the milk comes in and your boobs grow to gigantic proportions!

Cotton On Body Maternity Long John $20.00 These are amazing through pregnancy, and the stretchy waist band will be perfect for post-baby too. Your tummy doesn’t magically retract to pre-bub (expect to still look 5-6 months pregnant afterwards).

Cotton On Body Maternity Wrap Gown $20.00 (On Sale usually $34.95) Everyone says hospitals are cold, so make sure you have a gown to pop over you, especially when visitors arrive. A gown also allows breastfeeding access which is handy!

Kmart Slipper Thongs $6.00 Once you’re up and about you want some sort of foot covering that is easy to slide on and off, these are perfect!

Libra Maternity Extra Long Pads 10 pack $5.49 Take the whole pack, you never know! Or pack half in your hospital bag and half in the second bag if you’re tight on space.

Philips Avent Disposal Day Breast Pads 30 pack $8.99 Although unlikely that your milk will come in before you go home, never say never! Pack a few in your hospital bag and some more in the second bag just in case.

Brauer Paw Paw Ointment 75 g $12.99 Amazing for lips (and the only Paw Paw Ointment I am aware of that doesn’t have petroleum in it) you can also use this for sore nipples.

Lansinoh HPA Brand Lanolin 15 g $15.95 If you’re having a hard time breastfeeding then any help/relief is welcome, this will help sore cracked nipples.

Priceline Comfort Tapered Foam Ear Plugs 4 Pairs $5.99 Hospitals are NOISY! So when your partner or support person is there to watch bub, pop in the earplugs and SLEEP!

Kmart Deodorant Body Wipes – Cooling Cucumber, Pack of 30 $1.50  If you end up having a C-section you may not be able to shower until the next day. Body wipes will help you feel fresh if you’re feeling a bit yucky!

Bioelements The Essential Weekend Kit $58.00 If your skin care range does a travel kit, then grab it! No mess and no fuss, all your daily skin care regime in nice little travel sizes ready for your toiletries bag.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Original – Mini 50 mL $4.99 You probably won’t have just visited the salon for a blow out before going into labour, so a little dry shampoo will see you through until you feel well enough to wash your hair. Which may not be until you get home!

Swisse Natural Defence BB Cream SPF30 60 mL $24.99 A little color, a little coverage and whole lot of confidence. Don’t let the eye bags take over! It takes a few seconds to add a bit of coverage that will have you feeling a lot better about post baby photos!

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara Water 8.5 mL $19.95 Open those tired eyes with some lashes, just make sure it’s waterproof or you’ll find yourself panda eyes from all those hormonal tears!

Luma Just A Touch Lip And Cheek Tint 6 g $29.95 Two-in-one, perfect for space saving! Add a touch of colour to your cheeks and lips with this tint balm.

Bae. The Label Pregnancy Journal $29.00 Don’t forget what’s happening in the fog of those first few days, take your journal and write them all down!

My Little Signature Pregnancy Milestone Cards $40.00 Don’t miss out on using those last few milestone cards, take them with you!

My Little Signature Baby Arrow Milestone Cards $40.00 Baby milestone cards start at welcome to the world and one day old, so take them with you to document those special few days.

And of course, don’t forget your mobile phone, phone charger and camera. All very important for capturing every newborn moment!


For Bub:



Bonds Zip Wondersuit $24.95 Pack 3 in your hospital bag, and two extra in your second bag. You never know what may get on them in those first few days! And zips are SO much easier than press studs, something that I realised quickly with Bebe.

Cotton On Kids 3 Pack Baby Socks $9.95 I have a variety of socks for Bub, but have found these 0-6 month from Cotton On to be the smallest, perfect for newborn. I have only bought 2-3 suits with feet because Bebe was very long and would outgrow suits with feet too quickly. So socks are a must!

Big W Dymples Mittens 3 Pack – White $5.00 Newborns have lovely long nails all the better for scratching themselves with! So a pair of mittens in hospital will stop your precious little one from leaving scratch marks on their perfect little face before you go home and cut them.

Big W Dymples Beanie 2 Pack – Grey $5.00 Although hospitals don’t advise headwear to be worn indoors, or while bub is sleeping, a Winter/Spring babe will still be going home in the cold, so a beanie is a good idea for the homeward journey!

Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream $11.00 Perfect for preventing irritation on bub’s new skin.

Huggies Ultimate Newborn Nappies Up To 5kg Bulk Pack $16.00 Pack about 10 in your hospital bag and extra in your second bag. Remember Hubby/Partner/Support person can always bring more in any time!

Little Explorer Fragrance Free Thick Baby Wipes 80 Pack $3.00 These are my favourite wipes, they’re nice and thick and perfectly moist (not too wet, not too dry). Excellent for stubborn yuckies like the first baby poop!

Target Knit Pram Blanket $15.00 The hospital will have blankets but you may like to have your own, especially for photos, or it can be used to cover Bub when you leave hospital.

Bamboo – White – 3pk Muslin Swaddle Wraps $24.95 The hospital has thin blankets you can use to swaddle with, but again you may like to use your own, especially for photos or as a cover when visitors arrive while you’re feeding.


SECOND Hospital Bag:

Instead of lugging a huge suitcase to hospital, pack two bags and have your partner/support person bring the second bag up the next day or when it’s needed.

  • Extra underwear if necessary
  • Extra Maternity Pads
  • Extra Breast Pads
  • Another change of clothes and pajamas for Mum
  • Extra Rompers for baby
  • Extra Nappies
  • Extra wipes


What did you pack in your hospital bag, or plan to, that I haven’t included?


Rachael xo



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