Hello Lovelies,

You may remember that we had an AH-MAZING maternity/family shoot with the super talented Kym Renay in July (see it here) and the photos were everything we could have hoped for and more. I did have a deep secret though, I was ALSO dreaming of ethereal Pinterest style maternity photos… but TWO maternity shoots?!?! That’s just crazy! Or is it?  Let the justifications begin…

SNP_1444 (Large)

I have very few photos of myself pregnant with Bebe, and only two while pregnant with our angel baby. In the last 5 years, Instagram and Pinterest has really changed how I shop and where I get inspiration for fashion, home and photography. I also started my business almost 3 years ago and that has taught me a lot about social media, photography and given me a creative outlet that I needed after retiring from beauty therapy. It’s also blessed me with many friendships, including the gorgeous Shelley from Scarlett Noir Photography.

Shelley is a fellow #GirlBoss and a total Pin Up babe, we met when Shelley answered a social media ad/post when I was looking for rockabilly/pin up-esque women for a shoot for Ruby & Lilli and we’ve kept in touch ever since. She runs her own pin up photography business, a pin up academy with a friend, works full time AND is a Mama. We don’t see each other very often, and catch up via social media sporadically, but it’s an easy and genuine friendship that I treasure. I am seriously proud of that woman and what she achieves!

So when I was thinking about lace dresses and fields of nature (totally out of my comfort zone) I thought of Shelley, someone who I knew and would make it less awkward trying to be sexy while the size of whale in the middle of nature. Luckily for me, Shelley jumped at the idea and we headed off into the forest one Monday afternoon up in Toowoomba.

SNP_1561 (Large)

SNP_1472 (Large)SNP_1501 (Large)SNP_1425 (Large)SNP_1539 (Large)

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to have such beautiful photographs of our rainbow baby pregnancy, and am so thankful that Shelley was willing to try something different for me. I’ve really learnt the value in investing in photographs of life moments, and definitely recommend that if in doubt, take the photo!

The dresses I found on eBay and I added a slip underneath, although some women look amazing in these dresses with just lingerie underneath, I was more comfortable with some coverage! The crown is from Lovisa from last year and not available anymore.

Rachael xo

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