Well I’ve made it two thirds of the way! I’ll admit that during the first 20 weeks it felt like I wasn’t going to. Between the all day nausea and vomiting and subsequent reflux, it felt like a never ending process. But once I hit the half way mark it all started to subside… hallelujah! (Read about the first trimester here)

We’ve had lots of lovely milestones, first myself then hubby then Bebe being able to feel the Bub kick. Seeing the Bub at the 20 week scan (sucking his/her thumb). And finally the anxiety about loss has subsided.

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Because I had a prominent bump so early I think it looks like my boobs are shrinking not that my belly is getting bigger LOL!

Towards the end of this trimester my reflux has increased and I’ve started to vomit, but I’m hoping it’s just because I’m trying to do more and over-doing it rather than the horrors of the first trimester returning so early! With Bebe I did start vomiting again regularly from 34 weeks or so, so I guess it wouldn’t be so surprising if it was morning sickness returning.

The Bub kicks like crazy, already winding me or causing a sharp pain, but as soon as Hubby or Bebe put their hands on my tummy to feel he/she stops. I don’t know if that makes the baby shy or just contrary!

The preparation for the nursery has started, but we’re holding off setting it up altogether until after Bebe’s birthday in August as we’ve been telling him that Bub will come after his birthday. It’s such a long time for us to wait, I can’t imagine how long it must feel for an almost five year old!

The bump is out of control and only growing bigger by the week. I was quite big with Bebe (he WAS 10.1lb after all) so I’m a little (read a lot) concerned about how big I’ll get this time and how big Bub will be!

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I missed out on any burst of energy you’re allegedly supposed to get during the second trimester, but I think that’s thanks to pregnancy insomnia and the multiple bathroom trips a night! All in all, this trimester wasn’t so bad and I’m looking forward to meeting bub when the next 12 weeks are done and dusted and completing our little family of four!

Rachael xo


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