Hello Lovelies!
I have done a round up of the six things I am so glad I had through my second trimester (and will continue to use through the rest of my pregnancy and beyond!), these are things I would recommend for any pregnant Mama no matter what stage you’re up to! I am still using ALL SIX items from my First Trimester Must Haves blog as well!


While my INTIMO Everyday Maternity Contour Bra is sooo comfy, once I started to feel better I really wanted to give my 14E girls some extra shape and support and after a bit of reading found the Anita range of flexible underwire bras. Made from double-sided microfibre fabric with air pad (breathable), seamless formed plunging cups and with soft, naturally shaping underwiring these have been perfect on days that I want to wear a form fitting top or dress. They are also feeding friendly so I can continue to wear them once bub is here. Talking about form fitting dresses, I found that because my bump popped out early and has only kept on growing, I needed some extra support and smoothing under tight dresses. I couldn’t find suitable maternity underwear so I ended up purchasing these fab High Waist Support underwear from Target. Although they are shapewear, which isn’t recommended during pregnancy) I found that going up two sizes gave me a smoothing effect without being tight on my belly and bub.


Sleep? What is sleep? Pregnancy insomnia hit hard in my second trimester and combined with waking up to go to the bathroom between two and five times a night, I need all the help I can get to assist with sleep! Enter the pregnancy pillow… Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow prevents you from rolling onto your back while you are asleep (not good for Bub or you) and helps you to lie on your left hand side which is the best position while pregnant. It encourages maximum blood flow to mother and baby whilst asleep and doubles as a feeding support pillow once Bub is here. And for when you CANNOT GET TO SLEEP NO MATTER WHAT… Netflix! I admit that I now am subscribed to Netflix, Stan AND HeyU… but between morning (aka All Day) sickness, insomnia and the upcoming feeding schedule, I’m making good use of all three 😉


Between pregnancy, having a Kindy aged child and running my own business, I have found that I wasn’t always eating properly or sometimes at all  this trimester 😐 So I’ve been picking up some youfoodz fresh meals from my local IGA for lunch time. They also deliver which I think I’ll start doing soon, and will definitely continue once Bub is here and time is of the essence!

And of course, last but not least, Bio-Oil which is amazing to help prevent stretch marks (knock on wood I haven’t got any so far this time, although with Bebe I got A LOT!) and I’m using it all over my body with the dreaded Winter dryness!


What did you love/need/have to have during your second trimester?
Rachael xo


Blest Bras Anita 5059 UW Spacer Nursing Bra $109.95

Target Firm Support High Waist Full Briefs $20.00

Target Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support + Feeding Pillow $69.00

Netflix Australia Plans Start at $9.99 p/m

YouFoodz Meals are $9.95 each and available online or through stockists

Bio-Oil 125mL $24.99



PLEASE NOTE: All items/services in this blog tickle my fancy and I have not received compensation for the blog.


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