Instead of a Play Date to Date Night post today, I have something a little different. Do you and a close girlfriend have very similar tastes? So much so that you often end up buying the same or very similar items? I do, Mum Buns & Heels and I have quite a few of the same pieces, and not just in fashion either! Although we’re a similar size, we have opposite body shapes but some pieces just work for the both of us. Which has lead to us to decide to expand our wardrobe further by buying different pieces and sharing them… #thesisterhoodofthetravelingcloset!


So when we love something, we’ll now get it in two colours, and if it’s not an everyday type piece we’ll just buy one and share it… we’re excited to see how much further we can grow our closets… and how much more shopping we’re going to get away with without our husbands knowing!

Do you have a similar type agreement with a girlfriend of yours? Or are you now inspired to start one? Let us know! And join the fun by sharing pictures on Instagram with the #thesisterhoodofthetravelingcloset with us.

Rachael xo


PLEASE NOTE: All items/services in this blog were purchased by myself and I have not received compensation for the blog. I am just sharing the love with fellow Fashionistas.

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