Put your hand up if you have wide feet (raises hand) isn’t it just so completely sucky when it comes to finding shoes!?!

My first pair of school shoes were black, glossy and 100% leather. They were also shaped like the box they came in and a complete embarrassment to me even at the tender age of five. See even then I was into fashun 😉 When purchasing said horrific things, we found out that I had EE-width feet. The horror. To put that into perspective, EEE is the widest fitting for non-custom women’s shoes. And no, I don’t have any photos of my shoebox shoes :O .

Since then, manufacturer’s have improved the range available in wide fitting shoes, but the pickings are slim and often I have to size up just so I can squeeze my foot in. I’m completely vain and refuse to wear the orthotic looking shoes available in wide fit in most stores and tend to shop mainly on ASOS as they stock a large range of wide fitting shoes in all shapes and sizes. The other option I have is to make sure the style of shoe is adjustable, and when I saw my gorgeous friends Bev from Iris May Style and Karen from Style Loving 2 both rocking the same style of lace up block heels I was intrigued!


Upon receiving feedback back from both that the Divine from Spendless Shoes was incredibly comfortable I hot footed myself into my local store and [insert light pouring from the clouds and angels harking] put on the most comfortable heel I have worn to date! Needless to say I left with the Divine in both Tan and Black.


What won me over the most with the Divine is that the lace up goes all the way down, so I can completely adjust the entire shoe to my wide feet #WINNING! The stacked block heel is also a lower height so I can (and have) worn them out and about with my toddler and have had no trouble chasing after or carrying him in them.


These babies also come in a white, and I’m tempted to get them just because they are SO comfortable. Do you have wide fitting (or difficult to fit) feet? Where do you find your shoes?


Rachael xo


PLEASE NOTE: All items in this blog were purchased by myself and I have not received compensation for the blog. I am just sharing the love with fellow wide footed babes.


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