Hello Lovelies!

This year (as every year) I vowed to take some more time for myself, to stop putting myself last on the list (to read more about Mama Time click HERE) and last week I actually did it! I booked myself in with the amazing Clare from Beauty on Latrobe for a facial and pedicure, spoiler, it was magical.

I first met Clare when Karen from Style Loving 2 (otherwise known as my Social Wife) took me as her plus one to Beauty on Latrobe‘s Ultra MD Skincare Launch late last year. I’ll be completely honest and say I was going purely for the social factor (Bec from I Love That Skirt and Natty from Sachi And Daphs also attended) but as soon as I met Clare I knew I had found someone I would trust to take care of my skin, and me! I only retired a year ago from Beauty Therapy after practicing for over 13 years so it’s a big deal for me to trust someone else with my skin, but Clare’s beautiful personality, incredible knowledge and NOT SALES PUSHY attitude won me straight over. Hubby had some time off work just after Christmas so I jumped on Beauty On Latrobe’s website and in a few easy clicks had my appointment with Clare (you can choose the therapist that you would like) booked in.


I had originally booked in for a massage (this Mama stores all her tension in her back and shoulders) and pedicure but destiny struck and the day before my appointment I ran out of my day cream, night cream AND cleanser! I have been self prescribing my (salon grade) skin care regime for the last five or so years so I thought it was a great opportunity to have someone else have a look through non-biased eyes at my skin. Clare was completely unfazed by the change of plans (if not a bit excited I think, the tell tale sign of a therapist that is passionate about skin) and after a quick rejig of the room we were ready to go!


We started with a thorough consult of my concerns, what I was currently using on my skin and what I would like to achieve with my skin. Clare has the amazing Observ Diagnostic Skin Camera that takes photos of your skin to show areas of concern now and for the future (slightly scary). I let Clare choose the treatment she thought best for me (turns out my obsession with exfoliating needs to be toned down, who knew! ha ha!) and she chose a High Performance Facial called the Antioxidant Workout with the addition of Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment (my eyes felt AMAZING afterwards, no more tired eyed Mama!), Microdermabrasion and LED Healite photo-therapy. Pair this with a pedicure and I swear I fell asleep and snored, but Clare won’t disclose if that happened or not 😉


The Antioxidant Workout Facial is like a ‘personal trainer’ for the skin that gently yet effectively buffs away dead surface skin cells, unclogging pores (pores are my main concern) and refining skin texture. It includes a deep vitamin infusion and treatment mask to take it to the next level, and of course the amazing neck and shoulder massage. My skin felt soft, supple and fresh for days afterwards, the results really lasted such a long time!


I also invested in some new Ultraceuticals skin care. Before I show you the photo of my delicious new products, I need to stress to you that as a former Beauty Therapist I am a hard-core product user. I don’t buy superfluous products, but I think nothing of having anywhere from 7-10 products on the go. I will go into detail on the products and my review of them in another blog post, this one is quite a read already! But here they are, and they’re all gorgeous to use!


I look forward to visiting Clare regularly for #MamaTime and so we can check the progress of my skin. I look forward to seeing the difference in the diagnostic photos next time!

Would you like to win a $30.00 voucher to spend at Beauty on Latrobe? All you have to do is follow Champagne S’il Vous Plait and Beauty on Latrobe on Instagram, #MamaTime a picture of you taking some time for yourself (you don’t have to be a Mama), tell us why you’d love to win and @ChampagneSilVousPlait_ @Beauty_On_Latrobe in the comments. Easy!

T&Cs Apply | Open to Australian Residents Only (Brisbane Residents can redeem in salon for treatment/s or product/s all other residents can redeem for product by contacting the salon directly | Voucher Valid Until November 2017 | Must follow all accounts, hashtag and tag correctly to have a valid entry | Competition closes Sunday 15 January 6pm AESTD.


PLEASE NOTE: All items/services in this blog were purchased by myself and I have not received compensation for the blog. I am just sharing the love with fellow Mamas.


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